May 30, 2018

General Assembly Unveils and Finalizes Budget Quickly
The changes to the budget for State Fiscal Year 2018-2019 were posted to the General Assembly website during the Memorial Day weekend. At press time, the conference committee version of the Appropriations Act of 2018 is working its way through both the House and Senate. The vehicle that the legislature chose for the budget was an existing bill, S. 99, which had already passed the House and Senate and was in conference committee. By choosing a bill that had already been through the required legislative process in both houses, the General Assembly is able to forego the usual vetting process. In fact, the understanding is that amendments will not be allowed and the budget that was posted is essentially the budget that will be finalized. This is a big indicator that legislators are anxious to end this session quickly, presumably in order to get back to their communities to campaign. 
i2i Awarded Two Grants to Address Value Based Care and Cross-System Navigation for Individuals with I/DD
In the span of just one week, the i2i Center was informed that it is the recipient of two grants, one from the Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net and the other from NC Council on Developmental Disabilities.  Both grants will focus i2i's work in the coming year or more on core issues that will help move NC forward with care integration. 
Supporting Provider Transition to Medicaid Managed Care
While providers in the BH/I-DD public system have had a taste of managed care through the 1915(b)(c) Medicaid waiver, the complexity and number of partnerships with local funders/MCOs/Prepaid Health Plans (PHPs) is going to dramatically increase, particularly for statewide providers and providers who will serve the mild-to-moderate BH/I-DD population. NC DHHS appears to recognize this shift for providers across the healthcare spectrum and is creating resources to assist providers in this transition. They recently published a concept paper Supporting Provider Transition to Medicaid Managed Care 
New Policy Exchange Series on Integrated Care - Part 1: How do we Define Healthcare Integration?
The i2i Center is delving into the concept of integrated care through a series of Policy Exchanges. This is the first edition of this series, and it focuses on core principles of integrated care from the very top of the hierarchy-the consumer and family member. We have asked individuals to be our Subject Matter Experts (SME) in this first edition to help us better define what integrated care really is and the core principles that serve as a framework. SME in this exchange are Laurie Coker, Executive Director of NC CANSO and Karen Kranbuehl, the founder and CEO of SAY IT Solutions, which develops online self-advocacy skills and strategy trainings. 

Behavioral Health and I-DD Training for Legislators a Success 

About 25 participated in the i2i Center's first annual legislative education event on May 17th. The training was geared to new and seasoned legislators, and areas of focus aligned with the mission of the i2i Center - integrated, whole person care and the public system. Based on the questions asked, the legislators expressed great interest in the whole person care approach and importance of funding the public system.

Handouts for this event are now on our the  i2i website and available for download.
CFAC Legislative Advocacy Day
May 22, 2018


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