May 10, 2018

i2i Launches First Collaborative on Value-Based Payment Structures
i2i is getting its first collaborative underway. As part of the i2i Center mission and vision, collaboratives are a mechanism to bring together various perspectives on a policy issue within the public physical, behavioral and intellectual-development disability service system. Each collaborative is established to work through and develop recommendations to implement or strengthen processes and policies related to significant issues impacting the system. In keeping with the i2i Center mission, all of the collaboratives will be grounded in the principles of whole person care.   Read More
NC Traumatic Brain Injury Pilot Approved by CMS
North Carolina has received approval for a 1915(c) waiver to pilot a new TBI waiver. The program will offer rehabilitation services to adults who have suffered a traumatic brain injury on or after their 22nd birthday, providing care that will assist them in moving toward independence.
Those qualifying for the pilot must require a nursing facility or specialty rehabilitation hospital level of care. Services will include rehabilitation services, such as supported employment, life skills training, cognitive rehabilitation and day supports. Other pilot services include: occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy; supportive services such as respite, home and vehicle modifications; and assistive technology, equipment and supplies.
SUD Confidentiality Laws Updated to Fit Today's Health Care Structure
SAMHSA issued the final updated rule on Substance Use Disorder confidentiality as required by 42 CFR Part 2, which became effective in February 2018. This rule update has been in the making for two years, and this is the first substantial change to that statute since 1987. The new rule accounts for the changes in the structure of the health care system over the past two decades. That includes: focus on integration of care and outcomes; changes to technology; and expansion of prescription drug monitoring programs.   Read more
Feds Seek to Strengthen MH/SUD Parity Enforcement

When Congress passed the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act in 2008, many consumers, family members and advocates were hopeful that this action would acknowledge mental illnesses and substance use disorders as clinical diagnoses with the same accessibility to treatment services as any other clinical diagnosis. The Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, expanded the expectation of parity in employer-sponsored health insurance plans.  Read more
Why Consolidation Will Occur in Your Healthcare Market

by Tom Schramski, PhD, CMAA, Managing Partner
You cannot escape it. The US healthcare market is obsessed with consolidation. To add to this extraordinary activity, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase intend to form their own healthcare insurance company. Why now?

There are at least eight good reasons for this healthcare consolidation frenzyRead more 
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Staff Changes at Division and DSOHF

i2i recently learned of the following staff changes at the Division of State Operated Healthcare Facilities (DSOHF) and the Division MH/DD/SAS. 

Why Customer Service Matters 

by Denny Morrison, Ph.D., Chief Clinical Advisor, Netsmart

People who seek out health care do so wearing two hats: one is that of a client/consumer and the other is that of a customer. Most providers believe that the main, perhaps only, thing consumers want is high quality care and everything else is either secondary or doesn't matter at all. It is true that consumers DO want high quality health care but that's not all they want. They also require, but rarely get, high quality customer service.

Denny Morrison will be presenting at the Spring Conference session entitled, Importance of Effective Customer Services and Its Impact on Clinical Care . Register Now.  
Speaker Tim Moore Receives Legislator of the Year Award

Sponsored Training Calendar

May 23-25th - Safety-Care Behavioral Safety Training - QBS, Inc. is an approved vendor for seclusion and restraint training by NC DHHS. QBS's Safety-Care curriculum is not just another restraint training curriculum. Safety-Care, an ABA based crisis intervention training course taught by BCBAs, designed to assist staff serve the individuals they support using evidence-based practices for Incident Prevention, Minimization, and Management.
Street: TBD, Burlington Area, NC
Cost: $1325 P/T (Includes training materials)

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