Thanksgiving--Top Ten Trivia Questions
To Test Your Knowledge
Answers below each photo. Also a link to a PDF copy of the Questions & Answers is inserted below; test your family and friends knowledge about Thanksgiving Day history!
What were the names of the turkeys given to the White House this year?
Bread & Butter were the White House turkeys; now retired to Gobbler's Rest at Virginia Tech after a night at the Willard Hotel in D.C.
In what year was the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

The first Thanksgiving day was celebrated in 1621. It originated as a harvest festival.
What President declared Thanksgiving a national holiday?
President Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving as a National Holiday on October 3, 1863.
What year was the first Macy's Day Parade?
The first Macy's Parade, originally a Christmas parade always held on Thanksgiving was in 1924.
What was the first year the NFL games were played on Thanksgiving?
The first year a Thanksgiving NFL game was launched; 1920.
What is the average cost to feed a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner in 2019?
The average cost of a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner is $48.90.
What U.S. towns have the name of Turkey?
Four towns with Turkey in name: Turkey Creek, LA, Turkey, TX, Turkey, NC, and Turkey Creek, AZ.
What percentage of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?
Nearly all, or 96% of Americans say they celebrate Thanksgiving.
How many questions does Butterball answer on their hotline every year?
The Butterball Turkey Talk Line answers 100,000+ questions every year.
What is the average Thanksgiving Day on-line shopping expenditure?
In 2018, an average of $3.7 billion was spent on-line Thanksgiving Day, a 28% increase from 2017.
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