Week of October 16, 2017
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is about being able to control your own emotions and the emotions of others.


Imagine walking into a hotel room where your favorite TV shows, air-temperature and other preferences are already in place.

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As general managers, controllers and directors of sales prepare their budgets and marketing plans for 2018, we present the results of our most recent look at the budgeting accuracy of U.S. hotel operators.

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Consultants agree that hotel owners, operators and developers must stay educated about all aspects of the global hotel industry, including the all-important topic of consumer trends.

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Some health issues, try as doctors might, cannot be fixed within the walls of a health care facility - especially for children or other vulnerable populations.

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Physicians who spent a few minutes each day with inpatients and talked about their overall well-being as well as their medical symptoms noticed an increase in patient satisfaction scores, according to researchers from University of Virginia (UVA) Health System.

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"The No. 1 misconception about patient throughput is that it can be easily solved with just a few changes led by the nurses or case managers," said Dr. Barndt-Maglio.

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President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday, Oct. 12 that would change many aspects of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

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By now, most savvy companies know they can't bar employees from discussing such things as salaries and working conditions. But that doesn't mean there aren't some companies out there that try to do it anyway.

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Our research into over 20,000 workers of all skill levels across U.S. industries, and a review of hundreds of academic studies on the psychology of human performance, shows that most leaders and organizations tend to focus on just one type of performance.

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