Week of March 19, 2017
Without established salary ranges and salary structure, setting a salary can be like spinning the roulette wheel. Most companies have salary offer guidelines based on competitor market data and established salary ranges for positions.

Sell the Guarantee

Oftentimes marketers and hoteliers alike get caught up in the big picture as they try to sell their products on only the flashiest features.

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Execs Rely On Research, Peers When Entering New Markets

Acquiring a hotel or taking on a new management contract can in some ways become routine, but hoteliers looking to move into an unfamiliar market must do more to ensure they have all the necessary details.

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Big Issues in Hospitality:  Leadership, Culture and Recruitment

eHotelier co-hosted a special Think Tank session at Hotelympia last week. The focus of the session was on the need to improve productivity, trust within business, and the development of talent. The argument was presented that there is a genuine opportunity for and to start to think differently about both their customers and their own teams/cultures.

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Six Advantages of Airbnb and How You Can Compete

While it is crystal clear to me and many other hoteliers that Airbnb is a harbinger of doom for regular hotels geared towards leisure guests, there are still quite a few members of the hospitality industry - and the community at large, for that matter - who see it as a positive force for change.

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How Sharp Healthcare Is Using Wristwatches to Cut Patient Wait Times

Sharp Chula Vista (Calif.) Medical Center, part of San Diego-based Sharp HealthCare, is tracking patients' movements using wristwatches - an effort that decreased the time it takes for patients to get from place to place throughout the hospital, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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The Other Opiod Crisis:  Hospital Shortages Lead to Patient Pain, Medical Errors

Even as opioids flood American communities and fuel widespread addiction, hospitals are facing a dangerous shortage of the powerful painkillers needed by patients in acute pain, according to doctors, pharmacists and a coalition of health groups.

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Azar Demands Price Transparency, but How Will He Achieve It?

HHS Secretary Alex Azar has thrown down a passionate-and personal-challenge to healthcare providers and drug makers, demanding they tell patients what a service or product will cost before they receive it.

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Wage Forest Baptist at Risk of Losing Medicare Contract Over Cancer Misdiagnoses

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., is at risk of losing its Medicare billing privileges after a recent CMS survey revealed four patients received erroneous cancer diagnoses.

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The 'Old-Fashioned' Survey Still Matters When Measuring Employee Engagement

Gaining employee feedback is critical; the results can show employers whether they should offer certain benefits or whether a program is worth adopting.

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Companies Across America Say They're Under Intense Pressure to Pay Workers More

Executives at various US companies are confirming that there's pressure to raise wages.

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What if Companies Were Required to Tell Workers What Their Colleagues Earn?

Most workers don't probably know how much their colleagues make, and likely don't know how much their counterparts at other companies are paid, either. This lack of transparency may be keeping millions of Americans from earning higher paychecks.

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Performance Management Platforms Keeping Pace with Appraisal Trends

As organizations around the world have transformed their performance management practices from annual reviews to systems with more frequent check-ins, many of the technology platforms supporting the appraisal process have followed suit with their own innovations.

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States Urge 8th Circuit to Find that Title VII Prohibits Sexual Orientation Bias

The federal appeals courts are split on the issue of sexual orientation discrimination...employers should be aware that many state and local laws offer those protections already.

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