Week of March 27, 2017
Compensation can be defined as a reward earned by employees in return for their time, skills, effort, and knowledge.

What Hoteliers Need to Know About Personalization Technology

In today's world of easily accessible big data, personalization (admittedly in variably successful forms) is ubiquitous. People you have never had a conversation with...send you marketing emails addressed to you by name, 

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Audience Participation: What the Heck Happened to Rate Growth?

Why do you think it's so challenging to grow ADR with occupancy at an all-time high?

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Casinos MIght Need More Than Games to Keep Gamblers As Competition Grows

Sacramento's Indian casino scene could get more crowded; two new casino projects are on the horizon in an already bustling market. Tribal operators will have to offer entertainment and other amenities to retain the loyalty of customers in a gaming market that will soon reach a breaking point.

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Close the Feedback Loop

Does any hotel still offer customer satisfaction surveys? Do you, as a hotelier, rely upon comment cards as a quality control for your operations?

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Tele-medicine Saves Patients Time, Money

UC Davis patients avoided millions of miles of driving - and their associated financial and environmental costs - by getting their clinical care via videoconferencing, a new study by the UC Davis School of Medicine has found.

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House Scraps AHCA: Five Things to Know

Under direction from President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., pulled the American Health Care Act from the House floor Friday afternoon...here are five things to know about why the bill was pulled and what will happen next.

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EHRs Raise Ethical Questions for Medical Profession

Electronic health records have benefits for patients and physicians, but they also raise ethical concerns.

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Salaried Employees Can Be Exempt or Nonexempt--Clearing the Confusion

Determining whether to classify salaried employees as exempt or nonexempt can be tricky...salaried employees can fall into either the exempt or nonexempt categories depending upon several key factors.

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A Wage and Hour Pitfall: Paying Bonuses to Non-Exempt Employees Can Lead to Trouble

Most employers today recognize that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that they pay non-exempt employees an overtime premium for working more than 40 hours...most employers do not recognize that they may be obligated to adjust a non-exempt employee's overtime rate based on payment of "supplemental" compensation.

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Three Ways to Help Creative Employees Thrive--Even if it Means They May Leave the Job

Leading Millennials can seem challenging. Often considered entitled, narcissistic, and suffering from unrealistic expectations, Millennials have sometimes gotten a bad rap in the workplace.

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