Week of March 6, 2017
An employee compensation plan should provide a competitive wage and reward employees fairly and equitably for behaviors while accomplishing goals and objectives for the organization. 
You Need to Have the Heart of Hospitality to Create a Five-Star Hotel Experience

What transforms a hotel from a temporary location away from home into a five-star experience?

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How to Follow-up On Voice Reservations Inquiries With Personalized Emails and Phone Calls

If you're like most hotel marketing and revenue leaders, chances are that one of your major near term strategic goals is to drive more direct bookings and thus reduce the costs of customer acquisition.

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Personalization : The New Holy Grail

Discounted rates via direct bookings are nice, but they aren't a very personal approach in an increasingly depersonalized world, nor are they differentiators for hotel companies in their battles to own their customers.

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The Travel Booking Conundrum: Closing the Gap Between Browsing and Transacting on Mobile

In their latest report titled "U.S. Mobile Shipping and Booking," Phocuswright addresses one of the biggest challenges for travel and hospitality brands in today's mobile-centric world; how to ensure that consumers book trips and hotels after their search process is completed - using the mobile app.

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Top Five Digital Transformation Trends in Health Care

No one can dispute technology's ability to enable us all to live longer, healthier lives... from surgical robots to "smart hospitals," the digital transformation is revolutionizing patient care.

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Three Top Priorities for Hospital Administrators Right Now

Hospital administrators have a lot on their plates. Between managing finances, big projects and the daily operations of a hospital, priorities are constantly shifting.

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Physician Salaries: Which States' Physicians Earn the Most and More: Five Key Takeaways

In its 2016 Physician Compensation Report, Medscape polled over 19,200 physicians to determine physician compensation based on specialty, U.S. region, state, gender and more.

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Three Unique Paths to Improving Office Productivity

Being productive shouldn't mean you're chained to a cubicle; one of the biggest flaws managers make when evaluating employees is based on how long they spend at their desk.

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As Wendy's Is Proving, Target Has Shown, Higher Minimum Wages Lead to Job Losses

We people who know our economics keep insisting that raising the minimum wage will lead to people employing less labor.

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The Case for Employee Handbooks in 2017

To employees, company handbooks and policy manuals can be annoying and time-consuming; detracting from the goal of handbooks which, at the very least, are supposed to protect employees.

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