Week of April 10, 2017
Compensation plays a critical role in organizations' ongoing and increasingly challenging efforts to attract, retain, and motivate a talented workforce.

The Merchant Model Effect on ADR, RevPAR & Profitability

Is stating that the industry standard of ADR and RevPAR "is an imperfect science" a provocative statement?

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Mutual Success Through Product Placement

Have you ever watched a movie and noticed that all the cops and robbers were driving only one brand of car?

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How Uber Is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

After a recent visit to a hotel... instead of being offered a taxi, I was offered a Uber from the hotel.

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Small Vegas Casino Aims to Entice VIP Gamblers With 'Rolling Chips'

Despite the casino being only three months old, a mere 27,500 square feet with 203 rooms (small by Vegas standards), and a ways off the main part of the Strip, this little casino is already making big headlines.

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Hospitals Are Getting Physician Burnout and Engagement All Wrong--Here's Why

Physician burnout poses a threat to clinicians' well-being, patient care and the hospital bottom line - and it's on the rise.

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Healthcare Environment Achieving Mobile Security

Using mobile devices in the healthcare world offers many benefits, but it also presents major risks when it comes to security.

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MACRA Will Have a Bigger Impact on Hospital Revenue Than Previously Thought

Although much of the attention on the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) has focused on physician payments, a new study finds that the largest effects of the law may actually be on hospital revenue.

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Lessons Learned From a Tidal Wage of 401(K) Fee Suits:  How to Keep Your Company Safe

Delta Airlines recently became the latest organization embattled in a highly publicized retirement plan lawsuit over its allegedly excessive 401(k) fees. Unfortunately, the company could've avoided its fate by taking a few extra steps.

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How Corporate Branding Puts Context and Relevancy to Work in Recruitment

Millennials have a poor reputation for being job hoppers, but a slew of recent studies suggests this is just a myth.

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FMLA Lawsuit:  7 Stupid Words That Could Cost This Employer Big

Wells Fargo had mountains of well-documented evidence to back up its decision to fire a poorly performing employee, but a simple phrase by a clueless manager could wind up making all that evidence moot.

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Seven Things People Think Are Terrible for Their Productivity That Actually Aren't

If there's one universal truth about productivity, it's that not everything works for everyone.

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