Week of April 16, 2017

A company's approach to internal pay equity is as important as the actual pay programs it implements.  Many factors can impact internal pay equity such as internal increases remaining low while new hires demand salaries that exceed current tenured employees. 

The Future of Tech in the Guest Room

The future holds many profound changes for hospitality, some of which we are grappling with at full tilt, while others are still quite nascent.

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F&B:  Which Is More Profitable--Outsourcing or In-House?

Hotel Food and Beverage (F&B) operations increased in revenue value by 4.9% during 2017, according to a report from STR.

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Marriott Wants to Sell You Everything but the Plane Ticket

As part of Marriott's announcement on Monday that it would hybridize the Marriott Rewards, the company also relaunched its Moments marketplace, which sells everything from zip-line excursions to sumo wrestling tutorials and cooking classes with master chefs.

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Alexa for Business Can Now Make Calls In Hotel Rooms

Volara, the creator of a hotel concierge service powered by AWS' Alexa for Business, today announced it has extended calling capabilities to hotel guests.

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Patients Prefer PCPs over Hospitalists While in Hospital

Let's talk about primary care physicians (PCPs) visiting their patients in the hospital. Does this improve patient care or just complicate things?

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5 Joint Commission Hospital Requirements Most Commonly Cited As "Not Compliant" in 2017

The Joint Commission identified the requirements most commonly cited as "not compliant" during surveys for various types of accreditation and certification for calendar year 2017.

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Amazon Has Shelved a Plan to Sell Drugs to Hospitals, and Insiders Say There Are Two Reasons Why

Amazon Business, which sells bulk items to business customers, has shelved its plan to sell and distribute pharmaceutical products after considering it last year, according to people familiar with the matter.

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Health Care Employment Growth and the Future of U.S. Cost Containment

Since 2013, health care costs have renewed their relentless growth, increasing from 17.3% of GDP to 18.0% in November 2017, with health care jobs continuing to increase at an annual rate of 2.1%.

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Starbucks Will Close All Stores for a Day of Racial Bias Training

The event has put Starbucks, known in employer circles for its progressive employee policies, on its back foot - an example to employers everywhere of how damaging these events can be for company brand even when you have, as Alan Murray of Fortune calls it, "a reservoir of good will."

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Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Warehouses Are So Last Year--2018 Is All About Digitising Your HR Function

There's no doubt that 2017 was an exciting year for technological advances, but 2018 is the year when many innovative technologies are expected to fulfil their potential, and chief among these are those enabling the digitisation of human resources.

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Here's the Average Tenure for Tech Workers in Silicon Valley's Top 15 Companies

Software and internet companies had the highest level of employee turnover in 2017 when compared to other major industries, according to data gathered by employment-focused social network LinkedIn.

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Employers Assigning More Overtime Hours to Make Up for Skills Gap

The issue of rising overtime hours belies a much larger long-term problem: the skills gap.

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