Week of April 24, 2017
Joint employment exists when an employee is employed by two or more employers who both benefit from the employee's work and are sufficiently related or associated with each other.

Fastbooking Infographic Shows Google Dominance

As every hotel marketing professional knows, online distribution is all about targeted traffic and leveraging channels. Metasearch begins to dominate where once organic search and ad retargeting were the hoteliers' "marque" booking vehicles.

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Defining Hotel Luxury in Five Parts

How many times have you heard the word 'luxury' in a hotel description? It seems to be one of the most abused words in the hoteliers' dictionary!

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The Mobile Journey: A New Perspective on Mobile Hospitality

It has been ten years, and it's time that we adopt a new perspective on mobile hospitality - seeing it as a journey, a process.

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Like Desert Sands, Las Vegas Resorts Continue to Shift

Strip resorts of the future will probably look quite different. The casino floor, for one thing, will most likely be smaller.

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Three Questions about Population Health With No Easy Answers

'Population health' is a term used begrudgingly by most healthcare professionals. It's not that anyone opposes the idea of keeping populations healthy - it's that the fine print of how to do so makes for an endless conversation.

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Hospital Impact:  Nurse Leadership's Role in Reducing Burnout

The problem of nursing burnout has been in a state of evolution for years. For many of these years, the 12-hour shift was the primary focus.

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What the New, FDA-Approved 23andme Genetic Health Risk Reports Can, and Can't, Tell You

Genetic testing firm 23andMe got approval from the Food and Drug Administration last week to sell reports that show customers whether they have an increased genetic risk of developing certain diseases and conditions.

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Feds Ask For Another Delay On Overtime Rule:  Will Regs Ever Have Their Day In Court?

The DOL has already been granted two extensions in submitting its final brief to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for the final overtime rule, but it looks like that still wasn't enough.

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New Technologies Distract Workers, Slow Productivity

Most organizations "anticipate their industries will be totally disrupted by digital trends," said Josh Bersin, founder and principal of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, speaking April 20 at the SHRM India Tech '17 conference and exposition.

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So You Want to Work for My Fake Company...Huh?

College graduation is right around the corner, so the influx of "fresh meat" in the workforce is only a few weeks away. And where will most of these college grads end up looking for jobs?

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