Week of May 15, 2017
In a world where multitasking and information overload are the norm, an old idea, 'mindfulness', is becoming increasingly appealing to organizations who are effectively applying it to the business.

How Online Reviews Have Been a Blessing For Travelers and a Curse For Some Big Hotels

Customer reactions are narrowing the big names' sales advantage; in the hotel business, brand names mean a lot less than they used to.

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Pricing With Confidence

Picture this: You're a revenue manager. You follow all the rules. And you're very diligent at it too. When setting the asked for room price for any specific day, you check your hotel's historical rate records...

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Choice 'Intends to Own the Upscale Category'

A spike in direct bookings, increased RevPAR growth and touting an increased investment in luxury were top points of pride for Choice Hotels International on Wednesday at the company's 63rd annual convention.

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Marriott Hotels Turn to Prefab For More Efficient Construction

We've seen many a prefab home, and even a few luxurious prefab escapes, but a prefab budget hotel?

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Hospitals Face Unprecedented Turnover, Attrition Rates:  4 Survey Findings

Hospitals today are facing higher turnover and attrition rates than ever before, according to a survey report from Leaders for Today, a hospital management staffing firm.

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Hospital Impact:  The Challenge of Addressing Healthcare Spending While Preserving Jobs

Recently, an article appeared in Kaiser Health News that got my attention. Much of what is contained within the article, titled "Healthcare In America: An Employment Bonanza and a Runaway-Cost Crisis," rings true in Cumberland, Maryland.

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The Rise of High-Tech Healthcare:  5 Trends to Watch

The silicon chip and the stethoscope have long gone hand in hand; Moore's Law, a widely used forecast of rising computing power, can often seem to be nudging healthcare into the realm of science fiction, with life-saving high-tech innovations coming at a rapid rate today - and plenty more in the pipeline.

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UCI Doctor's Plan to Stop Superbogus Is Widely Used: At Her Own Hospital It Didn't Work

By the end of December, a lethal bacterium had swept through UC Irvine Medical Center's intensive care unit, sickening seven infants. Dr. Susan Huang, the hospital's infection control expert, had a plan.

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What's the Outlook For the DOL Overtime Rules and the AHCA?

What's the future for the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL's) overtime rule? Melissa Sharp Murdock, Esq., Director, External Affairs for WorldatWork discussed at the WorldatWork Total Rewards 2017 conference in Washington D.C.

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Sneaky Pitfalls That Can Turn Your FSA Plan Into a Compliance Nightmare

What happens when a seemingly harmless change to your company's easy-to-administer FSA plan - a plan that had met the ACA's "excepted benefits" requirements - suddenly winds up becoming subject to a series of onerous regs?

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Telecommuters May Be Losing Out On Promotions

A study of employees that work from home found that 50% of telecommuters don't get promoted, despite productivity levels 13% above their onsite colleagues, SHRM said.

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