Week of May 1, 2017
Job descriptions describe the major duties and responsibilities of a position or job and are an essential part of hiring and managing employees.

How Alternative Lodgings Affect Entry-Level Hotel Jobs

Raising the argument that Airbnb's business model does not directly support the local economy is not anything new for the hospitality industry...there appears to be an additional impact on hotels, one that requires a bit of explaining.

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My Response to the Airbnb and AH&LA Flap

As a debate topic in the lodging industry, Airbnb is a crowded field...several published studies conducted by recognized firms analyzed and opined on the level of impact Airbnb is causing the lodging industry.

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ACSI Reports Hotel Guest Satisfaction Is Up 2.7 Percent

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index's new travel report, guest satisfaction with hotels is up 2.7 percent to an ACSI score of 76, driven by gains for smaller hotels and B&Bs.

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Hotel Podcasts Really Want to Be the Next Big Thing In Content Marketing

That podcasts are popular is undeniable...will these hotel-produced and curated podcast playlists actually gain traction with listeners who eventually become paying guests?

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Readmission Reduction Program Persistently Penalizes Some Hospitals, Study Finds

The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program created under the ACA may persistently penalize hospitals with certain characteristics, according to a recent study published in Health Affairs.

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Social Media and the Healthcare Sector

The age of social media and Internet information has affected the area of medicine and healthcare as much as it has affected all domains of life.

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This Cute Robot Is Trying to Solve a $300 Billion Healthcare Problem

Taking your medicine can be a hassle. Actually, it can be so much of a hassle that some analyses suggest the U.S. wastes nearly $300 billion per year in health care spending because people don't take their drugs as prescribed.

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How This Entrepreneur Is Taking Healthcare to the Next Level

The tele-health industry is accelerating at a dizzying pace. Experts predict that...chronic health condition management will be handled via tele-health venues instead of constant in-office visits...

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Bill to Alter Private Sector FLSA Overtime Rules Passes House

A bill that would allow nonexempt, private sector employees to choose either time-and-a-half overtime pay or an hour and a half of compensatory time off in exchange for working extra hours has passed the House of Representatives.

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Lesson Learned from Bill O'Reilly's Ouster:  You Can't Sweep Harassment Under the Rug

When Fox News paid some of the $13 million needed to settle sexual harassment claims made against O'Reilly Factor host Bill O'Reilly, it seemingly failed to fully address the problem. The company didn't thoroughly investigate or take appropriate remedial action until there was public pressure...

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Why My Company Serves Free Breakfast to All Employees

Each morning from 8:30 to 9:05 AM at our company's headquarters, in San Francisco, we serve free breakfast to every employee. And I'm not talking about stale muffins and dry bagels.

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5 Ways to Instill a Company Culture Even When Your Workforce Is Virtual

A strong culture grows from working toward shared goals, even when you aren't in the same room.

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