Week of June 19, 2017
Employers need to ensure they count all worked hours as paid hours for their non-exempt staff.

Opening the Doors to Accessible Tourism:  Interview With Robin Sheppard

If ever there was someone with a natural flair for the hospitality industry, it is Robin Sheppard.  He reached the rank of General Manager of Bodysgallen Hall by the tender age of 27, and has since gone on to co-found the Bespoke Hotels...

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Automation of the Hotel Experience Is the Future

Artificial intelligence and robots are here, and increasingly will be able to do much of the work in hotels. Coming to terms with that can help manage fears and uncertainty.

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The Real Audience for Airbnb Ads - And How Hotels Can Answer

I have to hand it to the folks running Airbnb. Their brilliance in communicating their message makes all of us in the hotel business look a bit amateurish.

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100 Patient Safety Benchmarks | 2017

Benchmarking data is valuable for hospital and health system leaders to measure individual institutions and discover areas of excellence as well as assess opportunities for improvement. Becker's Healthcare compiled 100 patient safety benchmarks from various sources for hospital comparison.

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Beyond the Tipping Point:  Hospital Resilience Revisited

Budget constraints can touch on almost every aspect of hospitals' operations and strategy. Costs limit what hospitals can do to improve care-whether that entails hiring top clinical experts or buying the latest equipment.

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6 Ways to Quash Privileging Squabbles Among Clinical Staff

The acrimony that can arise from disputes among physicians can leave scars on medical teams. Make a plan to avoid conflict when you can, and to resolve it when you can't.

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Even the Insured Often Can't Afford Their Medical Bills

The debate over the future of healthcare is obscuring a more pedestrian reality: Insurance may handle most costs, but many Americans still need to turn to charity for help when they get sick.

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Is Pervasive Ageism Employers' Next Discrimination Challenge? 

When it comes to looking for their next career opportunity, older Americans, particularly those age 50-65, face an uphill battle.
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How to Get Employees to Goof Off Less at Work

Have you ever been frustrated to see how much time employees spend doing things that are not work related while on the clock?

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Study:  63% of Employees Say They Would Turn Down Jobs without PTO

A new TSheets study shows that most employees (63%) would turn down a job offer that didn't include paid time off (PTO).

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