Week of July 24, 2017
Conducting thorough pre-employment background checks are a critical tool in mitigating new hire risks. There are many types of background checks available to HR professionals that can be conducted in-house or externally by vendors who specialize in employment screenings. 
Prospecting Campaigns:  The Modern Billboard For Hotels

Confusion about the best types of online campaigns for hotels abounds. Many hotels have questions about which types of campaigns are best, what return to expect on them, and the true value of those campaigns.

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Bootstrapping Guest-Facing Technology with Twitter

Twitter has shown the hospitality industry its power. Moreover, Twitter has shown the hospitality industry the power of the consumer, and social media has shown the customer they have the ability to achieve freedom with their power.

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Owners Weigh Costs, Benefits of Brand Loyalty Programs

As brands raise the bar on loyalty perks to compete for guests' attentions, the cost of those perks is passed on to hotel owners. That's not a problem as long as they pay off in bookings, owners said.

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Study Shows Medicaid Expansion Hasn't Led to Significant Reduction In ER Visits

New research suggests Medicaid expansion has not significantly reduced emergency department visits in Maryland, though it has changed the mix of payers.

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Stop Making Doctors the Slaves of Computers

"The doctor will see you now."  It's a common phrase, but no longer true.  Even in the exam room, you're unlikely to make more than fleeting eye contact with your doctor.

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Private Equity Firm to Buy WebMd for $2.8B

The private equity firm KKR & Co. will purchase WebMD Health Corp....the acquisition comes five months after WebMD said it was experiencing a decrease in pharmaceutical company advertising, according to Reuters. 

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White House Developing Comprehensive Biosecurity Strategy - Official

The Trump administration is developing the first comprehensive strategy to defend the United States against disease pandemics and biological attacks by terrorists, the top White House homeland security official said on Thursday.

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ADA:  How to Spot--And Safely Deny--Unreasonable Accommodation Requests

From 2006 to 2016, EEOC charges against employers for ADA violations increased nearly 75%.

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Why Would Anyone Let Their Employer Stick a Microchip Into Their Body?

If your employer asked your permission to install a microchip in your body, what would you say?

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DOL Opinion Letters Rise From the Ashes

Opinion Letters written by federal Department of Labor (DOL) officials have served to explain a variety of legal principles and clarify fact-specific situations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) since the FLSA became law in 1938.

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