Week of August 21, 2017

The application and rules for the
federal FLSA salary basis test are often misunderstood and not administered accurately or consistently. 
Thoughts on the Major Chains' Cancellation Policy Change

The slew of recent announcements that major chains including Marriott, Hilton and IHG will now require a minimum notice (48 hours for the first two and 24 hours for the other) to cancel a reservation and avoid a penalty should come as no surprise to anyone.

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My New BFF Is a Robotic Schlepper!

Say hello to Gita, (pronounced jee-ta, or "trip" in Italian), as she may become your next BFF if not the perfect companion. She's definitely quick on her feet (moving at human speeds up to 22 mph), and kind of cute to boot!

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Creating Hotel Distribution Strategies Tailored to Guests' Regional Preferences:  4 Key Takeaways

The distribution strategy that led your hotel or chain to revenue growth last year won't necessarily continue to be successful in the months ahead and the strategy that led you to big wins in one part of the world may not translate well around the globe, even for the same brand and similar traveler demographics. 

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Gamification of Room Upgrades

Selling room upgrades is an important tactic for generating incremental revenue. 

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HHS to Delay 340B Final Rule Until July 2018

The Department of Health and Human Services has again delayed the 340B final rule, which would penalize pharmaceutical companies that knowingly overcharge hospitals for drugs purchased through the program. This time the government is delaying it until July 2018.

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Robot Enhances Hospital Safety by Killing Infection-Causing Microbes

CMS issued a proposed rule Tuesday that would cancel or scale back major bundled payment initiatives.

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CMS Cancels Cardiac Bundles, Scales Back CJR Model:  8 Things to Know

CMS issued a proposed rule Tuesday that would cancel or scale back major bundled payment initiatives.

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Weak Patient Admissions to Bug Hospital Operators Through 2018

Weak patient admissions that plagued U.S. hospital operators in the June quarter are likely to persist through 2018, as patients fret about soaring out-of-pocket costs and the future of Obamacare remains uncertain.

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Defeat of ACA Repeal:  The Aftermath For Employers

The apparent demise of a full-scale Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal may be followed by more incremental efforts to tweak ACA requirements. For now, however, the lack of dramatic changes means that some employers may need to refocus on the reporting and other requirements of the law.

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Can An Employee Be Fired For Activities Outside the Workplace?

In the wake of recent protests and subsequent violence in Charlottesville, a Twitter account with the handle @YesYoureARacist announced its intent to reveal the identities of those who marched in favor of white nationalism in order to, in the short-term, get them fired from their jobs.

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IRS Issues Strong Warnings About ACA Compliance:  Should HR Be Worried?

Despite lots of warnings, the IRS has yet to impose any non-compliance penalties on employers during the two years the ACA reporting provisions have been mandatory. And with all of the efforts to kill or water down Obamacare, many employers are wondering if they should even make ACA compliance a priority at all.

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