Week of July 28, 2017
It's that time of year again when companies are preparing their budgets for the upcoming year.   For HR professionals, it is probably not one of your favorite tasks, but by embracing the process, it can be an opportunity to reinforce the HR function as a strategic partner.  
Tips to Squash Pest Problems So Guests Don't Bug Out

A single online report of a bed bug would cause 60% of hotel guests not to book with that hotel, according to findings from a University of Kentucky report.

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Thoughts on the Major Chains' Cancellation Policy Changes

The slew of recent announcements that major chains including Marriott International, Hilton and IHG will require a longer minimum notice (48 hours for the first two and 24 hours for the other) to cancel a reservation and avoid a penalty should come as no surprise to anyone.

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Guests Checking-In With Fake ID's Is On the Rise

Reports of guests using fake documents are on the rise...security regulations in many countries require hotels to check IDs.

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Prioritizing Technology For Your Hotel Staff

In the last few years, there has been a steady uptick in integrating the use of technology within the hospitality industry.

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Trump's Threats to End CSR Payments May Mean Hospitals Will See a Rise In Uncompensated Care Costs

Hospitals had better brace themselves for a possible rise in uncompensated care costs if President Donald Trump makes good on an implied threat to end cost-sharing reduction payments to health insurers.

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Amazon Reportedly Launched a Secret Healthcare Team Called 1492

Amazon reportedly has a secret healthcare team exploring new technology opportunities in healthcare, including both hardware and software projects, according to CNBC.

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Providers Back Population Health Management Despite Affordable Care Act Uncertainty

A new Health Catalyst survey shows population health work is going strong even amid the turmoil surrounding the failed efforts by the Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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More Than a Third of U.S. Adults Prescribed Opiods

The U.S. needs to curb excessive opioid prescribing and improve access to pain management techniques, suggests a new government study...about 92 million people were instructed to use the medications in 2015.

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House Committee Votes to Kill Equal Pay Initiative

The House Appropriations Committee approved a budget amendment that would defund an Obama-era initiative to reduce wage disparities by requiring some private employers to submit employee pay data by gender, race and job category.

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Handling the Termination of a Long-Time Employee

Chambers, former fashion director at British Vogue, announced that she had been fired in May by the magazine's new editor-in-chief.

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Do You Have to Accommodate ADD Sufferers?  Court says...

HR pros know they have to be open to accommodating individuals with disabilities under the ADA. But does the same apply to those with ADD or ADHD?

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New Bill Latest Effort to Tackle Definition of Joint Employment

The definition of "joint employment" may be heading for another turnaround.

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