New Documentary on Past Lives
This Life, Past Life by Keith Parsons 

We are pleased to once more have the honor of sharing a new documentary by Keith Parsons, entitled "This Life, Past Life."
His previous documentary 'This Life, Next Life' was released a year ago and has had 135,000 views on YouTube.  We found this video extremely captivating, and we hope you encourage Keith to continue his service to the community by contributing such fine work!

Check out the Video by clicking the image or the link below:
Humanitarian Effort - Serving Others
iDigitalMedium Assists a Family in Gambia, West Africa

For a year and a half Keith has been communicating almost daily with Lamin Sanyang (top left). During that time brotherhood and trust have been built and a great need was discovered. Only recently were tuition free public schools mandated in The Gambia. There are 6 children in the Sanyang family. After their father passed Lamin became the head of the household. With only two high school graduates in the family, none of the children in school and no income - it was quickly realized that this is a serious issue. Work cannot be secured with a high school education in the Gambia.

Keith felt obliged to help break the cycle. The question was: Do we continue to provide assistance endlessly or teach them how to become self-sustaining? (Think: Teach a man to fish....) The Solution: he provides the family with money for food and essentials while raising money to send all 6 children to school on a 3 year plan. 3 years from now, with two providers in the household employed and the rest of the children in school the Sanyang family will have all the tools they need to succeed - and then can one day pass this gift on to others.

This project is now in the fundraising stages for the 1st year of the 3 year plan. Gretchen also became involved and is helping wrangle this project and others are jumping in as well to help. Will you be one of them?
We ask you to consider making a donation to help send these children to school. We can break the cycle of poverty and make a difference - through education. 

We are also open to constructive ideas for fundraisers, as this is a new challenge to everyone here :) This project is 100% transparent - every question will be answered; please just ask. Fundraising Page (3 Projects for this Family)
Physical Mediumship - Formalized Protocols?

For those who follow physical mediumship, this is an important development in that field...whether the outcome is beneficial remains yet to be seen.  Click the logo above for the article that discusses Physical Mediumship Protocols that are being put into place.  And while you are there - check out the Psychic News website for many other items you may find of interest.
Recommended Reading
Your Immortal Self, Exploring the Mindful Way
by Tom Butler
"Your Immortal Self is all about your spiritual nature, not as religious belief, but as substantive, actionable understanding. As more is known about our etheric nature, the technical metaphysics included in the first part of this book is shown to be an important supporting explanation for why the rest of the book makes sense. Because of this, it is expected to generate discussions as people seek to better understand the important point of the book."

Our Note: We've started reading this book and are quite impressed by the granular way in which Tom has dissected all aspects of the many forms of trans-etheric phenonema - in a way that only he could do. If your thought process is oriented more towards the scientific and regimented deconstruction of how things work rather than the "woo-woo", we highly recommend this book. 
Keith says: "I have not seen any other book like it. It will become a reference point for many people in the future."
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Video ITC
Persistence Pays Off 

We love to see teamwork - nothing thrills us more; and we openly support other teams. As Adriana Alonso and Simone Santos of Grupo TranscomunicaĆ§Ć£o Instrumental Seattle demonstrate - working with ITC is gradual development of mediumship, as well as patience. Sometimes that hard work pays off. Visit their website sometime!
Music from Heaven or Major Faux Pas?
Unexplained Tones on Shortwave Radio 
June Tones -Click Video

On 6/28/16 I made a retraction of the bold claim that these tones are sent by people in spirit. Someone found a radio signal that had similar characteristics, and I needed to investigate further.  Read it HERE
However, the work continues and evidence is still highly in favor of this being something unusual, unique, and of "paranormal" origin. As I closely doc-ument it begins to paint a larger picture. Is it music from heaven? Or pure coincidence? You Decide.
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