iEXCEL Digital Pulse
Improving Human Performance & Effectiveness in Health Care
October 2022
Volume 8 Issue 10
Thanks to innovative UNMC faculty, students and iEXCEL staff, each month in the Davis Global Center brings new breakthroughs in the adoption of simulation and visualization. October 2022 was no exception as we saw a hybrid simulation training model continuing to grow. 
"Spooky" Simulations for Real Situations
Led by faculty Dr. Jason Langenfeld, Emergency Medicine residents practiced life-saving care by participating in overdose scenarios. Simulations included opioid withdrawal, accidental ingestion and a mid-flight airplane passenger overdose. Students embraced the spirit of the season, donning playful Halloween costumes while learning serious skills.
Dentistry Plays the Part: A First!
Dr. Sarah Lowman and Ann Alexander with the College of Dentistry collaborated with iEXCEL and our Standardized Patients for this semester's OSCE exams! Working with human patients helps students practice skills in unique ways. Students were required to demonstrate competency in history-taking, physical examinations, clinical reasoning, as well as medical knowledge.
Across Nebraska: Preparing Pathway Students
Students from the Rural Pathways Program engaged in hands-on sessions focused on interprofessional and experiential learning. This group of undergraduate students are all pre-admitted to various UNMC colleges and this was an opportunity to get a glimpse into their future training at UNMC!

Simulation & Modeling Hall of Fame
As an inductee into the National Center for Simulation Modeling & Simulation Hall of Fame, Dr. Pamela Boyers traveled to Orlando for this year's induction ceremony. Dr. Boyers provided remarks in honor of Dr. Winston "Wink" Bennett who is an incredible leader in expanding Live Virtual Constructive Exercises for the United States Air Force, including the development of Mission Essential Competencies. Dr. Boyers expressed gratitude for Dr. Bennett’s incredible support of iEXCEL, and the holistic adoption of simulation across health care, industry and military.  
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