iEXCEL Digital Pulse
Improving Human Performance & Effectiveness in Health Care
August 2022
Volume 8 Issue 8
Thanks to innovative UNMC faculty, students and iEXCEL staff, each month in the Davis Global Center brings new breakthroughs in the adoption of simulation and visualization. August 2022 was no exception as we saw a hybrid simulation training model emerging, as well as increasing collaboration between the healthcare disciplines.
An Innovative, Hybrid Training Model for Nursing Students
Led by faculty Sandy Sasse, second-year College of Nursing students engaged in a hybrid simulation experience using the many educational technologies in the Davis Global Center. They learned women's and pediatric care skills using the iWall to interpret EKGs and the advanced simulation level to practice chest tube insertion and how to provide high quality postpartum care for mother and infant.
Emergency Medicine + General Surgery Join to Practice Transfer of Care Scenarios
Led by Dr. Jason Langenfeld, multi-level residents from the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Surgery teamed up to practice life-saving patient transitions of care. They engaged in a simulated car accident scenario involving multiple adult patients, along with managing geriatric and pediatric trauma situations.
iEXCEL to Host 2023 National Simulation Conference
Several iEXCEL and SIM-NE team members attended SimGHOSTS 2022 in Dallas, TX to learn and prepare to hold this conference at UNMC next year. This week-long event hosts national and global simulation specialists in order to help advance simulation training, and exchange best practices in health care simulation.

5 Years of SIM-NE!
Congratulations to Doug Dekker, and SIM-NE grant originators, Dr. Paul Paulman and Patti Carstens, as well the whole team who are celebrating the SIM-NE 5-Year anniversary of providing rural and remote simulation training!

Over the past five years of this successful program, SIM-NE has accomplished 694 onsite & virtual training events! This rural outreach program has already reached 15,000 trainees and visitors and all told, logged 84,000 miles in travel!

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iEXCEL Economic Impact Report Released
iEXCEL is very pleased to announce the publication of a recent Tripp Umbach Impact Report on the economic impact of iEXCEL on Nebraska since the Davis Global Center opening (March 1, 2020). Highlights include hosting 77,873 attendees to the DGC by June 30, 2022, creation of 149 jobs, and a current return on investment of 6.3 dollars for every dollar invested – and a projected 20:1 dollar return on this investment in iEXCEL by 2026.

Our gratitude goes to the State of Nebraska, City of Omaha, and a generous community who believed in, as well as supported the iEXCEL concept and made the Davis Global Center a reality!

Please continue to reach out to us directly with questions (see the iEXCEL UNMC app) about how to access staff in the Davis Global Center, especially if you would like support from iEXCEL in creating simulation and visualization scenarios.

We look forward to continuing to innovate with you!

Sincere Regards,

Pam Boyers, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL
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