iEXCEL Digital Pulse
Improving Human Performance & Effectiveness in Health Care
September 2022
Volume 8 Issue 9
Thanks to innovative UNMC faculty, students and iEXCEL staff, each month in the Davis Global Center brings new breakthroughs in the adoption of simulation and visualization. September 2022 was no exception as we saw a hybrid simulation training model emerging, as well as increasing collaboration between the healthcare disciplines.
Outdoor Sim Day
Led by faculty member Dr. Jason Langenfeld, the Department of Emergency Medicine and SIM-NE worked with Bellevue Fire and Rescue Department to simulate life-saving care in outdoor environments. Residents practiced on-site first aid and airway procedures to ensure preparedness to provide top quality care to anyone, anywhere.
Improving Invasive Procedures
Dr. Beau Kildow and Dr. Christopher Deans from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery led a group of attending physicians in total knee and hip arthroplasty procedures. Sessions leveraged the comprehensive training capabilities of the Davis Global Center to practice various new approaches to these complex procedures to improve patient recovery and quality of care.
Student Driven IPE
The Graduate Student Association led a series of interprofessional workshops dedicated to major topics in health care research. Using the interactive walls, students worked with iEXCEL to prepare innovative lesson plans focused on oncology, neurology and HIV utilizing visualization technologies.
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