iEXCEL Digital Pulse
Improving Human Performance & Effectiveness in Health Care
December 2022
Volume 8 Issue 12
As we come to the close of 2022, UNMC faculty, students and iEXCEL staff continue to test and try new ways of adopting simulation and visualization to “bring learning to life!” December 2022 was no exception as we experience the hybrid simulation training model continuing to evolve.
Creative Clinical Training
Led by Dr. Jason Langenfeld, Department of Emergency Medicine residents enjoyed practicing the care of patients using festive simulations! Students simulated life-saving skills while sporting their holiday best!
Physician Assistant students from the College of Allied Health Professions, led by Pam Dickey and Janelle Reynolds, tested their patient-care knowledge through collaborative escape room exercises.
iEXCEL Visits Students at STEM Pathway Night
iEXCEL hosted a booth at the Omaha Public Schools Pathway Showcase Open House. This event exposed high school students to various STEM fields, igniting their imaginations when considering career possibilities.
Residents Make Learning Fun
Department of General Surgery residents took planning for a skills lab into their own hands. In a simulation supervised by Dr. Tiffany Tanner, they mixed things up, having fun and games with knot tying, “Simon Says” and “Operation” alongside FLS and Da Vinci Robotic simulator challenges.
Defence Global Feature
This month, iEXCEL published a case study in Defence Global Publication describing the use cases and capabilities of 5G for secure remote and distributed training.

"The overarching goal for iEXCEL is to extend and expand our training capabilities to the rural training sites, critical access hospitals, clinics, and first responders."
- Dr. Pamela Boyers

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