iEXCEL Digital Pulse
November 2021 | Volume 7 Issue 11

Global leadership in improving human performance & effectiveness in healthcare
Working with local police and paramedics, the iEXCEL team and Emergency Medicine Department simulate a domestic dispute emergency and transfer of care.

This intense scenario combined human actors and high-fidelity mannikins for learners to practice communication and patient care amidst an emergency situation.

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November Highlights
Interprofessional Students in Action
Interprofessional students from across the university collaborate to create a video about the importance of teamwork in health care. This resource will be shared with high school students interested in health care to demonstrate the importance of interprofessional training and the breadth of careers available.
Cutting-edge Robotic Simulation
The Department of Neurosurgery residents practice spinal operations led by Dr. Andrew Gard and Dr. Jamie Wilson. Three rotating stations allow learners to experience different aspects of robotic procedures within a realistic clinical setting.
Simulation Saves the Day!
When the Hildreth Fire and Rescue team received the emergency call, they relied on their simulation training from SIM-NE less than 48 hours prior to deliver a healthy baby boy in the back of an ambulance.

This event highlights the direct impact of simulation on patient care in the real world. "My jaw is still on the floor when I think about it," said Hildreth Fire and Rescue EMT Elizabeth Burki, who helped deliver the baby. "It makes me teary-eyed."

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