iEXCEL Digital Pulse
August 2021 | Volume 7 Issue 8

Global leadership in improving human performance & effectiveness in healthcare
The iEXCEL visualization team collaborated with Dr. Peter Angeletti of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to create groundbreaking animations of the COVID-19 Delta variant and its interactions with a human cell.

These animations of the COVID-19 variant have made an impact on UNMC learners as well as the general public, serving as the centerpiece for a city-wide press conference. These 3D illustrations continue to circulate widely in local, regional and national media.

This tremendous response highlights the value of being able to visualize complex biological structures to enable comprehension across a broad spectrum of learners.

August Highlights
Live from the Davis Global Center!
Incoming UNMC students participated in an Interprofessional Education (IPE) day. This session began with a live-virtual panel broadcast from the Davis Global Center with all health care professions engaging in an interprofessional clinical scenario. Thereafter, students separated into small interdisciplinary groups for interactive teamwork and communication exercises.

"Educational activities like the fall IPE event are one reason that UNMC’s IPE program is nationally recognized for delivering a high-quality curriculum to advance the health of patients and populations." - Dr. Devin Nickol, Associate Dean for IPE
Hands-on in Rough Terrain
Emergency Medicine residents led by Drs. Jason Langenfeld, Katie Willett, Chad Branecki and Brad Huff (PGY2) worked in the field with iEXCEL and SIM-NE to practice skills such as out of hospital cardiac arrest, use of AED/Defib in the field, poisoning, anaphylaxis and drowning.
Multi-day Training = More Thorough Practice
Otolaryngology residents led by Dr. Christie Barnes learned surgical skills such as submental flaps, facial nerve dissection, and thyroidectomy.
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