iEXCEL Digital Pulse
Improving Human Performance & Effectiveness in Health Care
November 2022
Volume 8 Issue 11
As we come to the close of 2022, UNMC faculty, students and iEXCEL staff continue to test and try new ways of adopting simulation and visualization to “bring learning to life!” November 2022 was no exception as we experience the hybrid simulation training model continuing to evolve.
Precision Practice
Led by faculty Dr. Jessica Shank and Dr. Abbey Fingeret, General Surgery residents practiced kidney procedures, including laparoscopic adrenal surgery, in the Davis Global Center's simulated Operating Room.
"Arms-on" Phlebotomy Training
Phlebotomy students from the College of Allied Health Professions, led by Kevin McGuire, practiced drawing blood samples from task trainers before heading to work in the UNMC SHARING clinics. This realistic simulation scenario also prepared them to properly handle samples while providing patient care.
Visualization in the Classroom
The iEXCEL visualization team reported an exciting breakthrough related to the use of the coagulation cascade imagery, Led by Dr. Scott Koepsell, College of Medicine first-year students studied blood clotting utilizing the iEXCEL created 3D animations to enhance comprehension of this complex sub-cellular process.
iEXCEL in the News
The Omaha World Herald featured iEXCEL as a national state-of-the-art simulation center.

"As technology [has] advanced, especially in simulation and now of course visualization, it's helping us create much more realistic scenarios. For simulation to be successful, it has to be accurate, it has to be realistic. The more realistic, the better the learning." - Dr. Pamela Boyers

As a leader in health care education, UNMC and iEXCEL were the spotlight of this month's MetroMagazine.

“It’s a whole new dimension to simulation in health care. It provides new and exciting ways to learn.” - Dr. Pamela Boyers

Simulation in Motion-Nebraska Program Manager, Doug Dekker, presented a seminar entitled Driving to Results: Addressing Critical Education Needs in Rural Settings with Medical Simulation hosted by

Simulation in Motion-Nebraska was featured in Rural Health Information Hub.

SIM-NE has held roughly 700 trainings across the state since the program launched in 2017, with more than 150 agencies hosting multiple training sessions over the years.

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