iEXCEL Digital Pulse
Improving Human Performance & Effectiveness in Health Care
April 2022
Volume 8 Issue 4
New Ways to Learn Neurology
First-year College of Medicine students engaged in an experiential neurology course led by Dr. Robert Norgren. Learners viewed holographic brain anatomy and engaged with interactive touch walls and 3D work benches before heading to the simulation surgical units for conducting dissections.
Preparing for Residency
iEXCEL welcomed fourth year College of Medicine students for a Residency Prep Course. Dr. Abbey Fingeret and Dr. Jill Zabih led participants through activities involving a range of clinical skills while Dr. Olabisi Sheppard instructed on specialty surgical training.
Advanced Interprofessional Surgical Lab
Led by Dr. Christie Barnes and Dr. Samuel Pate from the Department of Otolaryngology and Dr. Bill Thorell and Dr. Daniel Surdell from the Department of Neurosurgery, residents collaborated in a cross-specialty training to practice endoscopic surgeries.
iEXCEL Returns to In-Person Student Engagement
iEXCEL has been very active in the community throughout April. Highlights include:

  • SIM-NE mobile units visited SCOTUS High School in Columbus, NE

  • UNMC High School Alliance prepped for cardiac exams using visualization technologies

  • iEXCEL hosted 3D anatomy dissection activities at The Durham Museum for NESciFest
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