iEXCEL Digital Pulse
April 2021 | Volume 7 Issue 4

Global leadership in improving human performance & effectiveness in healthcare
The iEXCEL Student Society collaborated with UNMC College of Medicine students and faculty member Dr. Shirley Delair to produce virtual CPR training broadcasts for high school students. These four sessions provided CPR essential skills incorporating education on eliminating disparities in health care.
April Highlights
VR + Hands-on Simulation = Hybrid Curriculum!
Faculty members Dr. Shannon Lynch and Dr. Sachin Kedar from the UNMC College of Medicine created a hybrid simulation for first-year students to practice their ophthalmology skills on interactive 3D work benches, mannikin eye trainers and OphthoSim simulators. The combination of learning methods enhanced students' confidence in conducting patient examinations.
Student Initiated Simulation
Students from the UNMC College of Pharmacy led by Yufei She, PharmD candidate, and sponsored by faculty members Dr. Kristen Cook and Dr. Allison Dering-Anderson conducted an exercise focused on the role of pharmacists in prescribing and dispensing naloxone. Students practiced identifying the signs and symptoms of an acute opioid overdose and responded by administering the intranasal, intramuscular and IV formulation of naloxone to a patient.
Preparing for Residency
This month, UNMC College of Medicine faculty incorporated a new course to prepare fourth-year students for their upcoming residency using simulation to gain hands on experience and practice patient safety in their transition from student to resident doctor.

The course was led by Dr. Abbey Fingeret and Dr. Jill Zabih. Pictured is the surgical section, where students entering General Surgery, Urology, OB-GYN, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Vascular and ENT had a chance to practice common procedures in an operating room, facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Leinicke.

iEXCEL in the Spotlight!

In identifying simulation as critical step to pandemic readiness, iEXCEL is at the forefront of health care education world wide.

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