iEXCEL Digital Pulse
June 2021 | Volume 7 Issue 6

Global leadership in improving human performance & effectiveness in healthcare
The Davis Global Center allows for complex, large-scale simulation scenarios at a scope unachievable anywhere else in the world. Emergency Medicine residents experienced this firsthand when Dr. Jason Langenfeld and Dr. TJ Welniak collaborated with iEXCEL to transform the clinical simulation hospital into an active Emergency Room as learners practiced leadership and communication skills while managing care for 12 patients simultaneously.
June Highlights
3D Enhances Nursing Curriculum
Taking a new approach to training with interactive touch walls and mixed reality workbenches, Nebraska Medicine Cardiac Fellowship Nurses practiced lead placement, EKG identification and cross-sections examinations of cardiac anatomy. The iEXCEL team collaborated with curriculum designers Angela Sivertson and Erin Herold to bring this learning to life with 3D technology and tailor-made experiential training sessions.
Moving Beyond the Classroom!
After learning in the lecture hall, first year Physician Assistant students went hands-on to practice placing IVs, measuring arterial blood gasses and giving injections. Janelle Reynolds with Carey Wheelhouse, Shaun Horak and Iris Gipson led this session with lifelike task trainers to reinforce concepts from the classroom.
Technology Transforms Surgical Simulation
In a hybrid approach that involved both visualization and simulation technologies, Nebraska Medicine Cardiac Fellowship Nurses progressed from interactive touch walls to surgical bays for fresh tissue training. Each surgical bay became an interconnected workstation, allowing students to follow along as Dr. Kim Duncan led live demonstrations.
iEXCEL brings interactive experiences to students

Through a series of virtual and in-person activities, iEXCEL is bringing educational programs to our community including students with 4H, Urban League of Nebraska, and the Emerging Ladies Academy. Participants learn about healthcare simulation, 3D content creation and STEM careers through fun and interactive lessons!

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