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iEXCEL's Newsletter
Volume 6 Issue 2
April 2020
COVID-19 Response Update
Our iEXCEL teams are consistently finding creative ways to interact, connect and engage with you. While some iEXCEL staff are currently working remotely, there is an essential team designated to ensure that selected training, research and development activities can still occur in the Davis Global Center.
Response to COVID-19 is a high priority at this time, though not our exclusive focus. We are finding that many faculty and staff are taking this time to create new ways of teaching, improving and expanding their simulation plans, while also engaging in research and development within the Davis Global Center.
Please remember that iEXCEL is here to support you and your ideas! 
Our deepest gratitude goes to all of you working hard to keep our learners engaged and patients safe.

Pamela Boyers, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor of Simulation, iEXCEL
Clinical Simulation Activities
The iEXCEL simulation team is providing COVID-19 training for clinicians, staff, faculty and learners in the following areas:

  • PPE training for NE Medicine Emergency Physicians and Residents

  • UNMC / NE Medicine ENT Dept. nasopharyngeal swab demonstrations for clinicians
  • UNMC / NE Medicine ENT Dept.​ simulations of a high-risk, high-yield tracheotomy procedure for a COVID-19 positive patients
Research & Development Opportunities
iEXCEL serves as a critical research & development resource to develop new techniques & technologies for COVID-19 patient care & staff protection, such as:
  • Collaboration with Nebraska Medicine to prototype protective barrier to shield healthcare workers during intubation
  • Simulated the Nasopharyngeal specimen collection process to test for improvements
Virtual Training Expanding
Reaching over 8,000 viewers to-date, iEXCEL & SIM-NE Facebook Live Events connect virtually to audiences of healthcare professionals. Our events have included:
  • Nasopharyngeal Swab Testing
  • Donning / Doffing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Rural EMS, Regional & Critical Access Hospital PPE Prep
  • Surge Preparedness for Rural Hospitals

  • EMS Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Content Creation Ideas
The iEXCEL Visualization Team partners with clinical subject matter experts and scientists to create crucial content for training in all disciplines - offering remote learning and online resources​ including:
  • Instructional Videos​
  • Donning / Doffing PPE & N95
  • Donning / Doffing PEE & PAPR
  • Donning / Doffing MAXAIR CAPR
  • Nasopharyngeal Swab Technique
  • 3D model of COVID-19 virus for current & future virtual learning​
  • Adapting training assets for Canvas education modules
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As always, thank you for your continued interest, support and engagement with iEXCEL. 
Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL

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