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iEXCEL's Newsletter
Volume 6 Issue 4
June 2020
iEXCEL Update
The month of June found our team increasingly busy as iEXCEL expanded training activities beyond our initial focus on COVID-19.
By organizing large group sessions into smaller, more focused learning experiences (carefully following safety protocols), over 200 Nebraska Medicine staff, residents, faculty and students were able to take advantage of the capabilities of the Davis Global Center.

Please continue to reach out to our iEXCEL staff here , so we can be available to help you adopt interprofessional, experiential training. Below you will discover the myriad of innovative learning opportunities available at the Davis Global Center.
June Highlights
iEXCEL ramped up reactivation throughout June, welcoming more learners into the Davis Global Center. Highlights included: Internal medicine residents practicing ultrasound techniques and sonography scanning; UNMC College of Allied Health Professional first year students learning cardiac scanning; Nurse Practitioners and Neonate Nurses from the NICU at Nebraska Medicine practicing care of the neonate; and third year medical students learning how to birth a baby!
Interprofessional training continues to be a top priority for iEXCEL. Residents and staff, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists from Nebraska Medicine at Bellevue's interprofessional teams worked to manage code and seizing patient scenarios.

SIM-NE connected with rural communities through virtual training events, including: two Facebook Live sessions on caregiver wellness and cardiac/neuro implications with COVID-19 (400+ participants), as well as four EMS rural agency training sessions.

The advanced surgical simulation floor “came to life” as nine of the operating room bays were outfitted with a light source, camera box, insufflation device and monitor in preparation for training in laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. 

The Laser CAVE-5 installation was completed by technicians from Barco, a Belgium-based company, who traveled to the Davis Global Center to ensure all five walls were properly aligned. The Laser CAVE-5 represents the pinnacle of this technology with limitless possibilities for cutting-edge visualization experiences, training and research.

The visualization team created essential content for departments across campus, including a heart render for learners at the UNMC Cardiovascular Biology and Biomechanics Laboratory, as well as the Nebraska Medicine Cardiac Cath Lab.

iEXCEL Community Outreach
The Community & Business Engagement team worked in collaboration with several community organizations to reach local middle and high school students. This team shared how technology can bring understanding, expand STEM skills and offer many opportunities for future careers. Community partners, included: AIM Institute, DoSpace, Omaha STEM Ecosystem, Summer Health Education Professionals Education Program, UNL & 4-H Extension and Urban League of Nebraska.
Upcoming Events
June 29 – July 5: The Zahner Wall will be celebrating July 4 th throughout the week, please be sure to watch this fabulous light show!
Thank you again for your interest in iEXCEL. We all wish everyone a wonderful July 4 th and as our colleague Doug Dekker from SIM-NE always says as he closes out the Live Virtual Events “ Be Safe! Be Healthy! Wear your mask! Wash your hands!
Sincerely - Pam Boyers and the iEXCEL team
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As always, thank you for your continued interest, support and engagement with iEXCEL. 
Sincere Regards – Pam Boyers, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, iEXCEL

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