July 2017

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Group  Purchasing  Program

Iowa's first Solar Group Buy is here and continues until the end of September.
The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) has negotiated competitive small scale (like for a home) solar prices for a Cedar Rapids and Linn County Solar Group Buy. 

Learn about the program by attending a Solar Power Hour. Since mid-June, 180 people have attended a Solar Power Hour to learn about solar and discus the Solar Group Buy program. The program's solar installer and a representative from an electric utility are present at all events.

Head to www.SolarizeLinnCounty.com for more information and plan to attend an upcoming Solar Power Hour.  July dates are below, and more are available in August and September.
  • 7/26, Wednesday, 4:30pm, PCI Medical Pavilion, Community Room (3rd floor)
    202 10th Street SE, Cedar Rapids
  • 7/27, Thursday, 11:30am (bring your own lunch), Cedar Rapids Downtown Library - Beems B
    450 5th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids (Parking & room info here)
  • 7/27, Thursday, 6:30pm, Christ Episcopal Church (Library)
    220 40th St NE, Cedar Rapids
  • 7/31, Monday, 6pm, Falcon Civic Center
    137 N 4th St, Central City

By Eric Holthaus, Sustainability Coordinator
My job is a sustainability job.

Hi.  My name is Pat McDonald, Facilities System Administrator with Facilities Maintenance, and my job is a sustainability position. Every day, I monitor twenty-plus facilities' heating and cooling systems for optimal efficiency. This requires three certified technicians and several subcontractors to complete this overview daily. 

We are involved in many preventative maintenance programs to upkeep our equipment which includes geothermal, water boilers, heat pump inverters (ductless split systems), and RTUs with VAV systems operating at designed specifications. 

We maintain multiple LEED Certified buildings which not only have HVAC concerns for efficiency but power consumption issues as well. We take great interest in reducing our electric cost in utilizing our multiple building automation systems with time schedules and facility zoning. 

Yes, we practice sustainability in reducing energy usage, which saves money (taxpayer money) and equals a smaller carbon footprints for our facilities.
By Pat McDonald, Facilities System Administrator
HETs are pretty, too.
This summer, give the gift of a High Efficiency Toilet.

Participating City of Cedar Rapids water customers are being offered up to a $75 rebate when you replace your old toilet (3.5 gallons per flush (GPF) or higher) with an EPA 'WaterSense' Labeled High Efficiency Toilet (HET) at your residence between July 1, 2017 and October 1, 2017 while funds last. 

Replacing a toilet that uses 3.5 GPF with a 1.28 GPF toilet in a household of 4 people would save $40 per year in water. Although HETs use approximately 62% less water, they still remove waste effectively and perform well. 

 or by contacting  h.ruble@cedar-rapids.org .

By Holly Ruble, Energy Management Specialist
Questions?  Ideas?
Contact Eric Holthaus at e.holthaus@cedar-rapids.org or 319-286-5927.

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