The Institute for LGBT Studies team is excited to unveil a new and exciting project!

From April 6th through 27th, we will be supporting the creative work of ELEVEN virtual artists-in-residence! These artists represent a fabulous array of artistic approaches, LGBTQ+ identities, and lived experiences. Each residency artist will share  original creations that reflect the theme: Capturing LGBTQ+ Experiences During Pandemic Times .

Follow our social media handles to find more info about the artists, their works, and our virtual artist-in-residence project!

Share your talent in Shifting UA's virtual talent show!

Talent Show: April 6-10
**Follow @shiftingua on IG for more information!

Calling all artists, musicians, chefs, magicians, comedians, and more!
Do you have a talent you'd like to show off on Shifting UA's Instagram? DM them to submit a photo or video of you doing your talent or a final product of your talent! Virtual talent show will be shared on IG from April 6-10.

Follow @shiftingua here
Check out these FREE food resources in the Tucson community!

UA LGBTQ+ Support Group via Zoom!

4:00 PM - 7:00PM
Via Zoom

The UA LGBTQ+ Support Group will resume Tuesday, April 7th through Zoom and continue weekly through the end of the semester. This group will be facilitated by CAPS therapist Kelly Kurtz, who will personally admit members to the group for an added layer of privacy online.

Find more information about the LGBTQ+ Support Group meetings here
AZ Senior Pride is extending their support!

Phone: 520-312-8923

Southern Arizona Senior Pride is reaching out to LGBTQ+ older adults with concern about the risk of isolation during this time of crisis. Self-care at this time means isolating ourselves from friends, family and social gatherings. Senior Pride wants to offer support and suggestions to interrupt isolation. It is crucial that we take care of our mental health as well as our physical health. Those of us that live alone may need extra love and all of us will need to stay close to our support circles.

Senior Pride will also be there for you. Let us know if you want calls, emails, texts. Let us know if you need someone to shop for food or pick up meds and drop off items at your door (people at less risk have offered to help). If you choose to contact them, please include your phone number, e-mail, best time to reach you, and what support you would like.

Read Southern Arizona Senior Pride's full message here
Arizona Dept. of Housing is offering rental eviction prevention assistance!

Arizona renter households who have suffered a substantial loss of income resulting from COVID-19, including job loss, reduction in compensated hours of work, or other loss of income related to COVID-19, and do not have financial resources to cover their rent may be eligible to receive assistance with rent due on a primary residence in Arizona. Eligibility is restricted to households with income levels at 100 percent of the area median income adjusted for household size (see chart here) and varies by county. Applicants will be responsible for paying 30% of the total current gross monthly income of the household for rent; households with rent payments that are at or below 30% of their total gross monthly income will not be eligible for assistance.

Learn more about this program and/or apply for it here

Additionally, you can visit the homeowners' assistance program here
Check out free reading materials & resources in @MyLittleQueerLibrary!

My Little Queer Library is a digital resource project created to make it easier for LGBTQ+ and allied folks to access and learn about LGBTQ+ history, theory, and activism. In the archive, you will find PDFs or links to articles and books about LGBTQ+ topics. All materials have been found freely accessible on the world wide web and compiled in My Little Queer Library. As more resources are found, they will be added!

Access My Little Queer Library here
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