October 2016 
Volume 7  
         Issue 24        
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BCSI is considered the platinum standard of the industry based on the quality and the wide spectrum of its services as well as the expertise of the investigators.

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The Software Update 
The latest Apple software update has arrived featuring dozens of welcome improvements to its overall software among neat additions to various applications. As with all updates, some glitches and bugs have occurred and users should remain aware of. Specifically, the security flaws in iOS 10 that may put your data at risk.
The most notable issue has to do with iPhone backups for phones specifically on a MAC or PC computer.
Apple had unintentionally weakened its encryption strength for backups of phones as discovered by ElcomSoft. It could allow a hacker the opportunity to by-pass several security checks that iOS 9 had contained. ElcomSoft claimed it could crack into a file approximately 2500 times faster than the prior software allowed. Apple has released a statement urging consumers that their data is safe and they are aware of the problem and working hard on a patch. 
Apart from the one flaw, iOS 10 security for the phone itself as well as iCloud is strong and extremely difficult to crack. Security continues to be one of Apple's strongest features for its iPhone. No other vulnerabilities are currently being reported but this update is still new and more could be discovered.
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