October 2017
iPhone Management
iPhones are Magical: We have the wealth of the world in the palm of our hand. What we use to do with many different devices, we now do with just one. We use them for anything and everything. No matter how magical an iPhone is, there are limits! Not knowing what they are can get you in big trouble

Size Matters: Thank God Apple no longer offers a 16GB iPhone but a lot of you have them. Not understanding what this meant when you purchased your iPhone is what is now coming back to byte you! Your phone can get so full that it stops working and you can lose everything on it. What most people fear the most of is losing photos! This is what you need to do to check if your iPhone is ready to "give up the ghost" before Halloween is over!

  • Check what you have: Go to Settings > General > About. Here you will find tons of information about your phone like the name of your phone, network, how many songs, videos and how many Photos you have! Go down to Capacity, this will tell you just how big of an iPhone you originally bought. Now look below that and find out how much you have left under Available. If what you have left says MB at the end, you are in serious trouble! If you have 5GB or less, you are well on your way to a world of hurt.
  • Don't Panic: The first thing you need to do is find out what is taking all your space. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage in iOS 11. (In iOS 10 it says both iPhone and iCloud storage. Upgrade to iOS 11 to see this greatly improved version.) Wait for a minute or two and you will see a bar graph in color explaining what you have, where you have it and how much you have left. In the next section, you will see Recommendations. This will show you photos, videos and attachments taking up lots of space in Messages. Tap on the arrow at the end and it will show you the pictures stored in messages. Tap on Edit, select them, then delete. Now, if you store attachments from everyone in Messages, don't delete them until you go through it and save them to Photos. Just go to the message, tap on the photo, and push up to save. Doing this can save you tons of space. Now look in the third section, this will show you exactly what is taking up the memory on your phone. Im sure that the biggest hog is going to be photos but we'll deal with that later. Find an App you no longer use, tap on it, then tap Delete App. Don't worry, you can get it back if you ever need it again. No since in having everything sit on your phone if you're not using it. Once you go through everything, go back to the bar at the top and see if you made a dent. Remember MB is bad and GB is good.
  • Photos: Now here is where you get into trouble. You take photos of your lunch, photos of your dog, photos of your grandkids, photos of everything! Your iPhone will only hold so many photos. It is not an unlimited space. Most of you take photo after photo after photo never even thinking that there might be a limit to your photo mania. Go back to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, and find out how much space your photos are taking. Now open the photos App and start cleaning it out! Get rid of duplicates, pictures of your finger, and anything that makes you look fat. Once done, go back to Settings > General iPhone Storage and see if you made a dent.
  • iCloud Photo Library: The best thing you can do for yourself if you have tons of photos is to turn on iCloud Photo Library. What this will do is take all the photos off your phone and store them on Apples Servers aka iCloud. All you will have left on your phone is a thumbnail of the picture which doesn't look any different to you. To activate this feature go to Settings > Your name at the top > iCloud > Photos and flip the switch that says iCloud Photo Library to green. Also put a check next to Optimize iPhone Storage. That's it. Now everything will be going up into the Cloud and off your phone. Depending on how many photos you have and the speed of your Internet, this can take a while.
  • iCloud Storage: Make sure you have enough storage in iCloud. Go to Settings > Your name at the top > iCloud > and look at the bar at the top. If it is all the way over to the right, you need to buy more. Just tap on Manage Storage > Change Storage Plan. Start with 50GB for 99ยข a month and go from there. You'll be glad you did.
  • Buy a new phone: If all of these things I have listed above fails to give you enough space, it's time for a new iPhone. Remember to buy the largest size you can! 128GB or more is best.

Nancy's Folley

Nancy got a new iPad from her son about six months ago. She has been learning and it has been working well until the upgrade to iOS 11. She has automatic updates on so it just kind of did it itself. She was doing OK until it asked her to create a passcode. She never had a passcode before so she just randomly typed a few numbers in not realizing how important they would be. The update also asked her to turn on Two Factor Authentication which she did. Her iPad worked find until it went to sleep. Upon trying to wake it, the passcode lock screen came up and asked her for the passcode. Since she really didn't remember what she typed in before, she started guessing and the iPad locked her out. That is when I received Nancy's iPad. I was able to bypass the passcode lock and restore it back to Factory Settings. After the Hello screen, she was asked for her Apple ID password. She couldn't remember that either so we tried a few passwords that she thought it might be and then she was locked out again but this time by the Activation Lock. I logged into her iCloud account on my computer and it said they would call her in 24hrs. Because she had activated 2 Factor Authentication, she needed another "Factor" that could authenticate who she was. Her other "Factor" was a land line which can't receive texts. If she had a cell phone in her Apple ID settings, we would have just received a text and entered it into her iPad, but since it was a land line, we wait. I returned today to finish setup and Nancy said she never received a call from Apple. I logged back into her Account and it now said that she must wait 3 days and Apple will call her. I couldn't wait that long so I called them instead. Long story short, Apple said there was nothing they could do about it and we would just have to wait. Right now Nancy has an iBrick. Please don't be stuck like Nancy and realize how important your passcode, Apple ID and the password is. Also Two Factor Authentication is nothing to fool around with. There is a chance that we may never get Nancy's iPad back. I had someone lose an iPhone this way. Apple takes their security seriously even if you don't. The only one you could be locking out is yourself.
SWMMUG Meeting
The next SW Michigan Mac/Apple Users Group meeting will be Tuesday, November 7th at 6:00pm at the South Haven Library. I will be show you all these iPhone settings that I talked about in this Tech Letter. You won't want to miss it.

Annual Christmas Party!
Every year we have a Christmas party the first Tuesday in December instead of a meeting. We start a 5:00 instead of 6:00 and everyone brings a dish to pass and a white elephant gift to exchange. It has always been great fun. I hope you can join us this year. This is our last meeting before we take a break until March. It's suppose to be a bad winter so get out of here if you can.
Health Update
I am only working Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are my days to work out at the gym to try and keep my lungs healthy. I also reserve those days for doctor visits. When things get bad, I don't go out but I'll still try to help you if I can. My lungs are at 35% now but if they go down to 30% I'll need to carry around an oxygen tank and I don't want to go there.
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