November 30, 2020

Dear iRun4Life Friends,

We have some very exciting news to share with you. Nikolai Derek, iRun4Life Board Secretary and app developer, has created a new FREE iRun4Life Fitness App for all of our elementary school runners, family, and friends. The iRun4Life Fitness App is free and can be downloaded on all Apple and Android devices – simply search the app store for “iRun4Life.

Key Features of the iRun4Life Fitness App for kids include:

  1. Running & Fitness – 4 weeks of training with Warm Up videos, weekly Running Tasks, Cool Down Videos, and Extra Workout videos that are fun and kid friendly. There is a stopwatch to help you time your runs as well. Videos will be updated each month.
  2. Log your Miles – Children can log their miles onto our iRun4Life portal directly from the app. Simply log in with a parent email address and child’s first name.
  3. Yoga & Dance – Fun kid-friendly yoga and dance videos that can be done at home with your friends and family. Videos will be updated monthly.
  4. Healthy Recipes – Delicious recipes for snacks, meals, and desserts that are easy to make and cook with your family. Includes gluten free and vegetarian options, too. Recipes will be updated monthly.

We understand that running with your friends outside at school is the best way to enjoy our iRun4Life running program, however, due to Covid19, we are not allowed to have our spring running programs at this time. We remain committed to helping your children stay healthy and strong through this winter. As the weather gets colder and we move indoors for longer periods of time, your children will need an outlet for exercise. You will feel confident knowing they can easily log in to our iRun4Life Fitness App, get all the exercise they need, and have fun at the same time.

We encourage you to share our iRun4Life Fitness App with all your friends and family, as we continue to help combat childhood obesity through exercise and healthy nutrition.

Thank you,
Judy & the iRun4Life Board
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