Spring 2020: Week 5
On-Campus Employment & Employment Letters
International students in F-1 and J-1 status are eligible for on-campus employment. On-campus empl oyment generally means work that is done on the campus premises or is educationally affiliated at an off-campus location. During campus closures due to COVID-19, international students may be employed "on-campus" and may work remotely, if allowed by the campus department. 

  • F-1 Students: All F-1 students are eligible for on-campus employment upon obtaining status. Because the employment is “incidental to status”, no authorization from ISPO or DHS is required.

In Your Final Quarter? Learn About Applying to Work After Your Program
Students in their final quarter should begin to think about what actions they will take after completion of their academic program . Students who wish to apply for employment authorization to work after their program of study should learn about eligibility, application process, understand timelines. LEARN MORE HERE!
International Emergency Contacts (MyTritonLink)
It is important that each student has an emergency contact on file with the University at all times. You can update your emergency contact on MyTritonLink . The form has been updated to accept international phone numbers.  An emergency contact is someone you would want the university to reach out to in the event of an emergency. In general, it should be someone other than your roommate. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@ucsd.edu
Join us for ISPO Coffee Hours - virtually! We will be co-hosting with Care @ SARC to talk about maintaining social connections and healthy relationships during quarantine. Whether it’s your morning coffee or evening tea, bring your favorite mug and cozy up to your screen on Tuesday at 10am (PST).

PODCAST: Tritons & Tidbits Ep.2
“School is Where the Wifi Is"
We understand that the current COVID-19 situation affects international students in unique ways and want to ensure that your concerns are heard and addressed. The situation is evolving rapidly and we hope this form and the weekly office hours allow us to advocate on your behalf, identify solutions in a timely manner, be more proactive, and improve communication with our international student community.

GLOBAL HUB: One Stop. Stay Connected in an Interconnected World.
We are excited to present the Global Hub for Tritons here in San Diego and around the world! The Global Hub is your one stop for all things Triton Virtual Global Engagement. Check it out!
Alone Together: COVID-19 Emotional Support Forum
for International Students 
We are alone together. CAPS & ISPO are offering an Emotional Support Forum for International Students! Sharing connection, coping strategies, physical and psychological safety will help us fuel resilience. This is a weekly drop-in forum and every international student is welcome. Together, we will help you manage in the face of the enormous psychological strain that COVID-19 is generating. This forum will be led by CAPS Psychologist Dr Sophia Chang. CAPS与ISOP欢迎你加入新冠肺炎的情感支持小组,倾诉你的心声,讨论你的困难,帮助彼此在这个特殊的危难之中穏定下来。

WHY AM I RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER? All international students studying at UC San Diego are automatically subscribed to the iStudents Newsletter to ensure they receive proper immigration updates from our office. The information sent in this Newsletter is available on ISPO's website, iStudents.ucsd.edu, or may direct students to other external resources. You have the right to unsubscribe from receiving updates from our office at anytime. You can do this by emailing istudents@ucsd.edu . Note, all international students at UC San Diego are responsible for staying up to date with immigration regulations that may affect them. To learn more, visit our website at iStudents.ucsd.edu