Spring 2020 | Week 7 | Weekly updates for International Students @ UC San Diego
Reminders and Upcoming Deadline
The Career Center and ISPO are teaming up to answer your most pressing employment questions during this pandemic. What should you do if you're on OPT and can't find a job? How does remote work and changes in employment impact your immigration status? How can you best communicate these changes to employers and navigate your job search? Tune in on Wednesday, May 20th at 12 PM PST where we will answer these questions and more.  Seats are limited so REGISTER NOW...
It is important that each student has an emergency contact on file with the University at all times. You can update your emergency contact on  MyTritonLInk . Within 10 days of any address change, update your address and/or emergency contact information. Learn more about updating your information...

  • Permanent Address (Foreign Home Address - Outside the U.S.)
  • Current Address (U.S. Address)
  • Emergency Contact Person: For a true emergency situation in which we needed to contact someone on your behalf, who should we call? This individual can be a parent, family member, friend, or individual that ISPO can contact.
  • Phone Number (The form has been updated to accept international phone numbers)
If you received a check in the mail, BEWARE , you may not be eligible to receive these funds! Eligibility is dependent upon your tax residency status—thus, J-1s and F-1s who are Resident Aliens for federal tax purposes are potentially eligible. To learn more about eligibility or if you believe you mistakenly received a stimulus payment, visit ISPO's website! Learn more about the CARES Act and if you are eligible....
Are you receiving information about tuition, housing, or immigration and something doesn’t seem right? It could be a scam! Immigrants all over the country are being targeted in scams. Don’t be one of the victims!  
Stay Connected from Home | iPrograms and Events
Join us for cross-cultural conversations and games - online! At Intercultural Social Hour you can share your international interests and experiences while making friends in a relaxing and fun environment. Join from wherever you are and let's play across time zones!!  
Join us for ISPO Coffee Hours - virtually! Bring your favorite mug and cozy up to your screen on Tuesdays at 10am (PST). Whether it be your morning coffee or evening tea, we look forward to seeing you there! And on Tuesday, May 12 th we will have Summer Session join us! Have questions about summer and taking Summer Session courses? Join us to learn more and ask all your questions live!
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WHY AM I RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER?  All international students studying at UC San Diego are automatically subscribed to the iStudents Newsletter to ensure they receive proper immigration updates from our office. The information sent in this Newsletter is available on ISPO's website, iStudents.ucsd.edu, or may direct students to other external resources.  You have the right to unsubscribe from receiving updates from our office at anytime. You can do this by emailing  istudents@ucsd.edu  .   Note, all international students at UC San Diego are responsible for staying up to date with immigration regulations that may affect them. To learn more, visit our website at iStudents.ucsd.edu