JOIN US FOR A DAY OF WILDCRAFTING your creativity in the land - a day out of time, to write, in sound and poetry, metaphor and movement | Deepen your kinship with water, earth and sky | Ground your senses with nature's rhythm and savor healing plant teas of the land | Create on the spot lyric and prose offerings rising from the landscape - the land under your feet, the stories under the skin.
"Land has a silent memory and can offer that immediate threshold to tap into the roots of our creativity"
inLAND retreat is facilitated by Shebana Coelho and Deborah Littlebird
  • The day opens with a Land Blessing with Pueblo Indian Elder, Larry Littlebird.
  • Then creative writing exercises tap into the roots of our story through lyric and metaphor. In an arroyo, we invoke origin stories and create from that encounter.
  • Lunch is shared outdoors under a willow arbor, as the afternoon flows into deep play with kindred spirits, heralding the land in silence and sound, sharing what we have created.
  • The day culminates with a contemplative tea ceremony in the shelter of Junipers and crafting of story, stone and roots.
Give yourself the gift of a day to create and play
Inaugurate a new season of story work
Listen to the sound of your own voice in the land
Gather a vision for any endeavor you are birthing
inLAND is a day-long retreat on Sunday, September 15 from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. The retreat cost is $130. We have space for 15 beloveds. Please register early to ensure your place.
  • The retreat is held at Hamaatsa (30 miles south of Santa Fe). Wear comfortable clothing, hats and shoes suitable for a day out in a rustic landscape.
  • Please bring a journal, water and a packed lunch.
  • Once you register we will send you directions and logistics for the day.
  • For More Information Visit Website

SHEBANA COELHO is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, originally from India, who has conducted Faraway is Close cross-cultural creativity workshops in New Mexico, Hawaii, Mongolia and American Samoa. She received a Fiction Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts and a Fulbright to Mongolia. Her stories, poems and articles have been published in US and international journals and her multimedia documentaries have been broadcast on BBC Radio Four, Public Television (PBS), and the Discovery Channel among others. More about Shebana >

DEBORAH LITTLEBIRD is co-founder of Hamaatsa , an indigenous continuum and sustainable living farm where she facilitates storywork camps and contemplative retreats on a 320-acre wild land sanctuary. She is the producer of Slow Story  which perpetuates the orality of tribal American people for future generations by bridging this ancient technology with today's digital technologies. An herbalist, botanical farmer and farm-to-table chef, Deborah shares her passion for plants and food as medicine. More about Deborah >
inLAND is a new incarnation of the creative collaboration between Shebana Coelho and Deborah Littlebird
HAMAATSA is an indigenous continuum, wild land sanctuary and hermitage retreat on 320-acres of environmentally protected aboriginal lands in the rolling Juniper foothills of the Ortiz Mountains, near Santa Fe, New Mexico.