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October 2021
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The Electric Vehicle revolution is just beginning. Major car companies are planning to convert to all electric fleets over the next 5-10 years and federal rebates for electric vehicles and solar panels are providing incentives for this transition to cleaner sources.

However, lower wealth communities like Trenton are in danger of being left out of this revolution, exacerbating the issues of poor air quality and lack of affordable transportation for Trenton residents as more affluent areas of the state move to cleaner options. For example, as Isles provides green job training for future-focused career opportunities, trainees face the barrier of gaining access to plentiful jobs that exist just a few miles away. In addition, research on the connection between environmental hazards and health outcomes uncovered asthma rates for Trenton children that are 4 times the county average and a life expectancy that is 13 years less than 8 miles up the road in Princeton Junction.

This experience led us to become one of the founding members (and the first environmental justice member) of a new statewide organization to promote EV adoption, ChargEVC. Our goal was to ensure that the growing investment in EVs occurred in places like Trenton and impacted the basic human and environmental challenges residents face.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Isles led Trenton EV Pilot, which will provide Car Share, Ride Share and Van Pool/Shuttle services, with a fleet of electric vehicles based in the City of Trenton.

Want to know more? Check out the article below to hear about this exciting new service.

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Managing Director, Community Enterprises
Trenton E-Mobility Pilot
A concern for many Trenton residents is the ability to travel to work that might be miles from Trenton and not easily accessed by public transportation. As Isles began training more and more individuals in the energy and environmental fields, we quickly realized that these workers had little access to transportation, even within the City of Trenton. 30% of households lack access to a vehicle, while 21% of residents report carpooling as a main mode of travel to work.

At the same time, we looked at the environmental and health hazards related to more vehicles on the road, and how wealthier communities were finding ways to electrify their transportation options.

Thus, the Trenton E-Mobility Pilot was born. Isles, with our partners ChargEVC, Environment NJ, NJ Clean Cities Coalition, City of Trenton, and NJ DEP, conceived of a first-of-its-kind electric vehicle pilot. It will offer a Car Share (like Zipcar), Ride Share (like Uber Pool) and Shuttle/Van service, employing local residents as drivers and offering low-to-no cost rides for low-income families to access food, healthcare and jobs.

"We learned that similar to our experience, many community organizations throughout the city struggle with extending their social, health, and financial services to residents due to lack of affordable and reliable transportation options. Our goal is to close that gap and build wealth and health in the city," says Katharina Miguel, Clean Energy & EV Advocate at Isles.
Isles recently purchased a Canoo electric vehicle for shuttle serivice, which offers seating up to seven
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Earlier this year, the NJ DEP, the Energy Foundation, and other private funders awarded Isles with start up funding for this Pilot, and planning is well underway. Stage 1 of this project includes charger infrastructure installation in multiple sites across the City, which will be available to all residents with electric vehicles. Installation will begin early next year.

In addition, we are currently requesting proposals for experienced mobility vendors to provide installation of charging infrastructure and related services to the Mercer County area. Those vendors will work with Isles to hire local resident drivers, maintenance crews and project staff. View open RFPs here.
Isles' Founder & Advisor Marty Johnson rides an EV bus in Trenton
IYI students aboard an EV City bus
Stay on top of the latest project updates, including a future naming contest for the new EV Pilot, by visiting our website below!
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Notable News

Isles Center for Energy and Environmental Training was recently one of six case studies featured in an ACEEE report. This study examines how community-based organizations are utilizing strategies to build equitable clean energy policies, programs, and investments in local communities. Visit us on their storymap here to see more info and download the report at their website.
Isles' 2022 Spring Celebration
On April 9, 2022, Isles’ friends and supporters will come together for the 2022 Spring Celebration to enjoy the fifth annual fundraiser at our Social Profit Center at Mill One. Please join us to savor the flavor of our community with an evening of local food, drinks, and entertainment at historic Mill One!