itSMF Singapore Newsletter - April 2015

Greetings from itSMF Singapore Chapter!


In this Newsletter:

  • Welcome to New Members
  • Wrap of itSMF AGM
  • Moving On - Farewell from Elina Pirjanti
  • itSMF Bookstore


Welcome to New Members

The itSMF Singapore Chapter extends a warm welcome to all of our new Members in 2015. Following on from the successful March Seminar we have seen an additional 12 new Individual members and a new Corporate 10 Member sign up. 2015 has got off to a great start and promises to be an exciting year for all of our members and we look forward to meeting and networking with you all at the next event.

Whilst we are upgrading our website this year, please make sure you bookmark and visit our current website regularly -

A Blast of a Conference! 

Were you in attendance at the Annual Conference held on Friday the 13th of March to hear industry leading speakers and network with other ITSM professionals in the Industry?

Did you attend the Members night after the Annual Conference, also held at Marina Bay Sands and take advantage of the cocktail party style evening with presentations and further Networking with our sponsors and presenters?

If you were there, or want to know what you missed and why you should attend in 2016, please view the spread of photos from the events!

Wrap of the itSMF Singapore Chapter Annual General Meeting 2015

As per our Constitution, the AGM was held prior to the end of March where a small but enthusiastic crowd voted on the Constitution and a new Committee.  Quorum was declared at the start of the AGM, the 2014 Committee delivered their end of year results and the Membership fee changes were voted into the Constitution, effectively halving the previous years fees across the Membership categories.


The Committee positions were declared vacant by our Council Advisor, Peter Edwards, and the nominations and votes were cast, we are pleased to present your 2015 Committee:


President                          Vinay Jain

Vice-President                 Rashid Mohiuddin

Secretary                          Anne Tan

Treasurer                          Venkat Narayanan

Events Chair                    Rashid Mohiuddin

Events Co-Chair              Ganesh Ramanathan

Membership & Comms   Ric Browne

Publications                     vacant

Web Services                   Garion Kong

Marketing & Outreach     Venkat Narayanan

Internal Auditor                Suresh Yenugu

Council Advisor               Peter Edwards

Council Advisor               Rama Mamidi Prasad



We would also like to acknowledge and thank Elina Pirjanti, Elbert Guintivano and Praveen Badini for their fantastic efforts on the 2014 Committee.


Moving On - Farewell from 2014 Council Member Elina Pirjanti

The world is getting smaller - at least from my perspective. I have been representing itSMF Finland council for many years and last season was proud to be part of itSMF Singapore. There's lot of similarities, but also differences between these two countries and their market. Both countries have about 5.5 million citizens, only Singapore is more dense :We serve different industries, but nevertheless the challenges in IT service management are the same. Even if ITIL has been in the market since 1980s, many companies are still struggling with their basic ITSM processes, companies worldwide are consolidating the IT landscape, they are wondering what opportunities and challenges new technologies will bring, and highlighting the cybercrimes. These, I think, are inevitable changes of ITSM industry which we need to consider and align to.

  But more interestingly, I have noticed a worldwide change during the 5 years I have heavily been involved with itSMF - people and leadership matters!  I have participated in numerous conferences around the globe, and in recent years the shift has been enormous. Where five years ago, we were concentrating heavily only in processes and technology, now we are seeing the opportunities within people. Good leadership of the team, collaboration with suppliers, relationship with clients, communication, service attitude, skills and capabilities have become the key topics of service management. 

It was fantastic year with itSMF Singapore and with all the talented professionals and the companies who are participating in the events. Please be active and create your networks in the future as well! We will meet again - the world is getting smaller.



itSMF BookStore

Reviewing IT in Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions - are you getting an IT asset or liability?

When you merge with or acquire another business, you also gain their IT and data. In an ideal world this integration would be seamless and easy. In reality, however, this is often not the case. Mergers can, for example, lead to the loss of sales systems or to badly configured data.

Don't make a risky mistake

Many businesses and investors overlook the IT systems and services of the businesses they are acquiring and push information risk management (IRM) professionals to the sidelines in the due diligence process. In a world of increasing cyber attacks and information security threats, this can be a very risky mistake to make.

Reviewing IT in Due Diligence provides an introduction to IRM in due diligence, and outlines some of the key IT issues to consider as part of the due diligence process. For those new to the process, it explains how to conduct an IT due diligence review, from scoping to reporting, and includes information on post-merger integration to realise business benefits from the deal.

Topics covered include:

  • Why IT is important to due diligence
  • The importance of IT security
  • System reviews and data reviews
  • Reviewing projects and changes in progress
  • IT service provision value for money
  • IT due diligence reporting
  • Post-merger integration

Comprehensive case studies are included throughout the book.

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