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Professional Development Event held on October 30th


CHANGING TRENDS IN THE IT INDUSTRY: What is my next job going to look like & how do I prepare for it? 




itSMF Singapore Chapter held its professional event on 30th Oct, 2014 on the topic of "CHANGING TRENDS IN THE IT INDUSTRY - What is my next job going to look like & how do I prepare for it?". The event was well attended by the itSMF Singapore Chapter members and guests. 

The highlight of the evening was the initial segment of the event where 3 well-known industry experts, 
Mr. Jamie Donoghue (Director and Principal Consultant at UXC Consulting), Mr. Nikhil Datt (Senior Vice President Professional Services at Emerio), and Mr. Ganesh Natarajan (Director at Optimum Solutions)
shared their experiences and views with the audience. Their talks covered the key topics related to the industry and local job market, such as, IT industry trends, the expectations from the senior IT executives, and the new skills and knowledge required by IT professionals to sustain and grow in the face of fast changing environment.

The speakers' talks were followed by an interactive Q&A session, where the participants pitched numerous questions at the speakers' panel asking how to become more valuable in their present jobs and how to position themselves for career progression. The speakers gave their views on those questions and other participants also shared their thoughts during a lively and interactive session. At the end of Q&A, speakers gave their final closing thoughts on the topic. A few of the key ideas are: IT professionals must learn how to sell themselves; they have to think out of the box; and they need to be flexible in adopting hybrid business-technology roles.

The event ended with the presentation of tokens of appreciation to the speakers by itSMF council members. It was a memorable event marked by knowledge sharing from industry experts and strong participation from audience.

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ITSM Leadership Congress 2015

Every year itSMF Singapore hosts an annual event to share innovative approaches to implementing and adopting IT Service Management.  Every year additional knowledge is added to the field.  This is because YOU made the decision to make a difference by participating in this annual event.  If you have new ideas or technologies you want to share with the field, you have this unique opportunity to get involved in the chapter's biggest event of the year. The event is happening on 
13th March 2015

To be a Speaker at this year's eventsend itSMF Singapore your synopsis and speaker profile.


To be a Sponsor at this year's eventcontact itSMF Singapore.


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