The IT Value Chain and IT4IT

Join us in a two-hour seminar to learn  how to build or improve the IT Value Chain.

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26 Sep 2018, Wed
Room 901 NTUC Centre One Marina Boulevard Singapore

Synopsis 1 | The IT Value Chain and IT4IT | Speaker: Johusa Brusse

What businesses need in order to thrive in the digital age is a closed loop value chain which can take the massive amounts of data streaming into and generated by the enterprise, turn it into meaningful information and business insight and use this insight to create the outcomes and services desired by their consumers. If IT wants to not just remain relevant but also thrive in the digital age, with its rapid pace of change, competition and rising expectations, it must focus on generating value and outcomes for their customers and businesses by accelerating the conversion of ideas to value across the IT value chain. Gartner research suggests that companies that prioritize the end-customer experience generate 60% higher profits. So the real challenge is how to build or improve the IT Value Chain. In his session Joshua will give examples of customers he worked with.

Synopsis 2 | How to maximize career fulfilment? | Speaker: Angela Lu

Far too many people today-at all levels, from recent college graduates to senior executives-feel helpless and clueless when it comes to getting their next job. They feel stuck-they're in the wrong environment, the culture is not a fit, they hate their boss. But they can't find a way forward toward a job that's not only a better fit but, most important, motivates them with a sense of purpose. Many executives are only thinking about their 'next move' but lost sight of the bigger picture - a long-term goal. In the career talk session, Angela will share a simple career strategy that will help professionals to find a career path that will bring them more purpose and passion and elevate their performance. 

Speakers' Profile
Joshua Brusse  
Chief Architect 
Micro Focus Professional Services 

Joshua has over 35 years' experience in all aspects of "Running the Business of IT". He has worked with many organizations across the world to transform the IT into a High Performance Organization.

IT Domain Expertise: Organizational Change Management, Service (Lifecycle) Management (IT4IT), Cloud and Hybrid Delivery Joshua was the Co-Founder and first secretary of itSMF International and CoFounder of a company in Organization Improvement. He has held various management positions, managed ISO certification programs and several other large programs focused, among other things, on Organizational Change. Joshua was founder of the HPE Business of IT Methods from which IT4IT has derived.

Industry Vertical: Telecom, Finance, Manufacturing and Government Joshua has assisted many organizations with transformations including designing, developing, deploying and internalizing new operating models, process architectures and competencies thus improving and simplifying the way they operate achieving sustainable business outcomes

Joshua has a MBA Information Technology; several certificates and diplomas in regards to HRM, Organizational Change and Psychology and is a certified ITIL (v2 and v3) master. He is currently chairman of the HP Community of Practice for Managing of Organizational Change (MOC),leads the WW MOC practice for Software Services and leads the SIAM and IT4IT practice in APJ.

Joshua has worked over 30 years in several voluntary organizations mostly focused on children and adolescents. In 2002, Joshua was conferred the award "Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau" by Her Highness Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands for his contributions and efforts to Dutch society.

Angela Lu
Senior Consultant
Korn Ferry Hay Group

Ms. Lu is a Senior Consultant with Korn Ferry, leading Korn Ferry Advance - a career management initiative for professionals in SEA.  

Before joining Korn Ferry Singapore, she served as an E-commerce leader in Korn Ferry China. Her mandate was to digitalize learning and talent solution and to drive commercial success through digital marketing and social media. She pioneered a digitalized Emotional Intelligence program for professionals and graduates with an aim to develop their leadership skills and accelerate career progression. In this program, she achieved a market outreach of over 200 successful partnerships with senior leaders and 
professionals from Fortune 500 companies, SOEs & top universities.

Prior to her tenure at Korn Ferry, Ms.  Lu co-founded an Integrated Marketing & Branding Consulting company in Singapore. She also served as an art director and project manager in a leading advertising agency, where she accomplished multiple local and worldwide campaigns for renowned brands and won several creative awards in Asia. 

She has more than 10 years of diverse experiences spanning across talent assessment and leadership development, career management & coaching, product development, e-commerce, and integrated marketing communication.

She has served clients in a myriad of industries, including Government Agencies, Consumer Goods, Technology, Automotive, Aviation, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Real Estate and State-Owned Enterprises.

Ms.  Lu is entrepreneurial by nature and passionate about helping professionals and leaders to unleash their full potential in personal development and bring leadership transformation. She has been working as a life coach with a non profit organization for self improvement and development programs in the past 8 years. She is an avid traveller and loves to give back to the community through social work.

Seminar Information & Registration

Wed | 26 Sep 2018

7pm - 9pm  ( Registration & Light Refreshment at 6.30pm)

NTUC Centre | Room 901 | Level 9
One Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018989

Free Registration for itSMF Members
(Limit to first 30 registrations)
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