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August 2016

Greetings from  itSMF Singapore Chapter.

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  • Exclusive Access for curated e-Reads
  • Axelos Online Book Member Survey
  • Event Wrap - itSMF Lunch n Learn Apollo 13 Demo for Corporate Plus member 

  • Event Wrap - itSMF August Seminar - "Innovation in IT Service Management by Chance or Design" 
  • Upcoming Event: itSMF Sep Seminar -
    "An end-to-end problem solving approach for Incident and Problem Management... and how DevOps might change the game"
  • Upcoming Partner Events: "DCD Converged SE Asia" & "The loT Show Asia 2016"

Exclusive access to curated e-Reads for itSMF members

As part of our partnership with NTUC U Assocaite, we are pleased to share with our itSMF Members the e-Reads content that NTUC U Associate has partnered the National Library Board to provide as an avenue to acquire these necessary knowledge on the go.
Our members can enjoy easy access to electronic books, journals, newpapers and magazines that are relevant to the different industries and needs - all at the fingertips.

The topics vary from industry specific e.g. finance, engineering, IT to general knowledge and upgrading e.g. leadership, learning and training. Contents  of the e-Reads will be updated and refreshed on a periodic basis to ensure that the contents stay relevant and updated according to the needs of our partners and trends of the industry.
You  can start accessing the contents via this link
AXELOS online Book - An online survey for itSMF members 

Have you heard of AXELOS. They are involved in developing, enhancing and promoting a number of best practice methodologies used globally by professionals working in IT service management. Would you be interested to have access to their online resources as ItSMF members. You tell us and we will make it happen.

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Event Wrap - it SMF Lunch n Learn Apollo 13 Demo for our Corporate Plus Member

itSMF Singapore and Sapience Consulting delivered a Lunchtime Learning session for a Corporate Plus member in the Banking and Financial Industry on the 4th Aug 2016. This is part of itSMF's 2016 initiative to bring ITSM related learning initiatives to corporate members of the itSMF Singapore Chapter.
For this particular session, Sapience Consulting supported by Gamingworks NL, was invited to deliver an Apollo 13 simulation to the client ITSM team. The Apollo 13 mission is up to today, known as the most successful failure in the history of Mankind. This mission is used as the benchmark for crisis management and learnings were aplenty on how to apply these to the world of IT Service Management
The Apollo 13 Simulation is typically played over a full day and the full session is usually pl ayed over 4 rounds simulating the entire Service Lifecycle.
Figure 1 ITSMF Singapore Chair Vinay Jain kicking off the session
Round 1 focused on Service Strategy and Design and this involved the designing and building of the Apollo 13 rocket. Round 2 and 3 covered Service Transition and Service Operation and looked at the Post Launch activities of the Apollo 13 mission. The first three round them culminates into the last round which involves getting the Apollo astronauts safely back to Earth. This would involve having an understanding of the Continual Service Improvement phase of the Service Lifecycle.
With only two hours available from the session, only Round 2 of the Simulation could be played and the team wasted  no time in getting the simulation running. Participants were eagerly anticipating taking part in the simulation having heard much about it.
The participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly in the highly interactive simulation and in the process, learnt many useful things which they could bring back to their everyday work
From the session we took the Lessons Learnt and captured these as part of this report
* Focus o n strategic objectives and KPIs
* Importance of process design
* Clarity and agreement on roles and responsibilities
* Collaboration and teamwork
* Importance of tooling

The member organization is an organization with established and mature ITSM processes. This is evident when the participants started the planning phase of the game. The Flight Director stood up and made sure everyone knew what the strategic goals and objectives were and which KPIs were needed to be achieved.
The team enthusiastically went about defining who should do what and how things are to be done. Very impressive start to the session indeed.
Yet as the simulation progressed, things started to get heated up and with the participants starting to feel the pressure from increasing incidents, a yelling Flight Director and agitated astronauts, all hell then broke loose.
Well intentioned team members tried to do each other's work when they saw that things were not moving fast enough. All the processes that they had so meticulously design started to fall ap art. When team members started to take on other member's responsibilities, this mean that their own respons ibilities were not fulfilled.
Collaboration and communication has always been essential to any successful organization. In this simulation, these two components very often break or make the team in terms of how successfully the complete the simulation. Errors and mistakes are often avoided simply by having proper communications in place. With closer collaboration within the team, things can then get done faster, better.
Another essential learning the team took away from the session was the importance of having the correct set of tools and how such tools can be used to provide clarity to the state of matters.
The session ended all too soon but not before all the participants gained a deeper insight into what they have done well and which areas can they improve in, not just individually, but as teams and as well as for the organization as whole.

Event Wrap - itSMF 
August Seminar - "Innovation in IT Service Management by Chance or Design"
itSMF Singapore Chapter event "Innovation in IT Service Management by Chance or Design
"  with our esteemed speaker Ms Seema Sutradhar was well attended by members as well as guests from the industry.

Seema shared some distinction regarding
to think of future, 
Creativity to share your ideas and with Collaboration it will
 lead to Innovation.

The interactive demo was welcome as it encourage the participants to share and interact with each other.


Upcoming Event -
 | 20 Sep 2016
" An end-to-end problem solving approach for Incident and Problem Management... and how DevOps might change the game

Christoph Goldenstern  is a member of Kepner-Tregoe's Executive Leadership Team. As Vice President of Global Strategy and Service Excellence, he is responsible for KT's strategy as well as its Service Excellence solutions, a set of consulting, training and coaching services provided to technology companies and IT/Service organizations.

Christoph will talk about the "pressure cooker" that is IT Operations and how it relates to (Major) Incident and Problem Management. He will introduce the value of consistent, quality troubleshooting and an end-to-end IT support approach. He will also discuss the new IT paradigm of 'DevOps', its objectives, what it means to an ITIL-based operation and how it could change the ways in which functions like Incident and Problem Management are being operated today.
Key takeaways:
  • IT stability and the challenges of achieving it in IT Operations
  • The role of structured thinking and quality troubleshooting - the Kepner-Tregoe approach
  • An end-to-end view of Incident, Problem and Change Management
  • What is DevOps?
  • Challenges of the "ITIL-based operation" in moving to DevOps
  • How DevOps might change the way we operate: processes - skills - performance management

We sincerely thank our sponsor

Upcoming Partner Event | 14-15 Sep 2016
"DCD Converged SE Asia"

14-15 Sep 2016

Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Clients/partners of itSMF to enjoy 30% off entry passes with end-users enjoying free passes (subject to end user criteria)

DCD Converged SE Asia 2016  is back for its 10th year at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on 14-15 September 2016! Don't miss out networking with 1500+ selected senior IT, facilities and business professionals, and learning from over 80 international speakers on their strategy, best practices and innovations in their data centers across networks, storage, facilities and security.  

The theme for this year's event is 'Smart Nation Driving the IT Stack'; the collective name we are giving to the cyber-physical layer of storage, facilities and networks that extend beyond the walls of the traditional data center environment and that together form the foundation of the digital economy.
Register now for limited free end-user passes - enjoy full access to the conference sessions, technology showcase and F&B receptions during the event. Registration will cost USD300 once all passes are allocated.

If you don't meet the  end-user criteria, you can still attend the event by registering for a  Business Networking Pass  and enjoy a 30% discount   via the link  and  discount code: VIP30

Upcoming Partner Event | 1 & 2 Sep 
" The lot Show Asia 2016"

Taking place from 1-2 September at Suntec Singapore, The IoT Show Asia will focus on four key B2B IoT applications: Smart Factories, Smart Cities, Logistics and Worksites. The event will highlight the need for innovation, for partnerships and for actual project deployment.
  • Deployment. Live end-user projects will be presented in the two-day executive conference
  • Innovation. New start-ups as well as existing players will be showcasing the latest technology innovations on the exhibition floor
  • Partnerships. The entire eco-system will be brought together: platforms, integrators, networks and infrastructure, sensors, devices, data analysts, regulators, financiers and start-ups
This is The IoT Show's second year, and building on a very successful launch in 2015, we are anticipating in excess of 1,500 attendees from across Asia. This year the show will be co-located with The Commercial UAV Show, forming Asia's largest technological showcase
Download event brochure to find out more 

Speakers include senior representatives from IDA, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Amsterdam Smart City, Rockwell Automation, BP, Mahindra & Mahindra, CLP Power, DHL, UPS, BMW, World Bank and more!

There's a special 15% discount for members/subscriber to attend the conference. Contact for more information.