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Fancy Food Show NYC July 2013 
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 After a two-year hiatus, Fancy Food was back in NYC this year on a Big Apple scale.  Given the enormity of the show, there is no possible way to cover it all - so my strategy was to have a few quality conversations with companies that captured my imagination. 


John Wayne Charcoal
In branding we always talk about the importance of story-so if you have a great product, why not borrow a story from non other than the Duke?! Husband-and-wife team Davis and Gena Knox of Fire & Flavor (Athens, GA) partnered with John Wayne Enterprises in 2012 to tell his legendary story and develop a unique line of BBQ items under the John Wayne stock & supply brand. 


 This impressive company was honored in 2008 as #264 on the Inc. 500 list of the  fastest growing companies in America. They make a range of specialty products like rubs, brines for grilling, smoking and roasting, and grilling planks (available in Cedar, Alder, Maple, and Oak). Based on an old Native American technique, plank grilling is a fun and easy way to add amazing flavor to meals. 


Insight: Borrowing equity from a legend to create a compelling story.  
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Crown Maple syrup chat with joyful plate
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 I must admit when I passed Crown Maple at the show I stopped in my tracks. The whole presentation was tailored, what you would expect from a boutique bourbon. CrownMaple is the new standard of organic maple syrup. Made in Madava Farms in Dutchess County, this is serious syrup with high brow tasting notes: "this pure, organic maple syrup has aromas of gingerbread and roasted chestnut and flavors of rye, toffee, freshly roasted and ground coffee". 
Crown Maple Syrup is crafted exclusively from the sap produced by 25,000 majestic sugar and red maple trees on their 800-acre sustainably managed farm. Each drop is precious-it takes between 40-50 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of pure maple syrup. It tastes divine and can be used as a special ingredient in everything from braised porkchops to a vinaigrette in your salad.  

Insight: Elevating the entire brand experience in your category. 




Torie and Howard chat with joyful plate
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 One taste of these organic hard candies from Torie & Howard and your spirits are lifted. Everything about the experience is special: first, the exotic fruit flavors are ripe & refreshing (I tasted D'Anjou pear & cinnamon and blood orange & honey). And they are surprisingly sweet at only 12 calories each, with no artificial dyes or corn syrup. The illustrative branding is to be cherished-darling and layered with loveliness. And finally, the tins are adorable- I want to buy a case of these to use as hostess gifts or maybe better yet as a gift to self! 


Insight: Filling a need (healthy candy that satisfies) and delighting with imagination. 


Republic of Tea  


Beverage marketers have brilliantly realized that the idea of "drinking your cake" has big appeal, with innovative concepts in wine (Layer Cake and Cupcake) to Smirnoff Iced Cake and Kissed Caramel flavors. So why not herbal teas? This Lemon Pound Cake by the Republic of Tea is incredibly flavorful - and no fork required. And isn't the package sweet too? I want to live in the Republic of Tea.


 Insight: Staying right on pace with broader category trends.


(for grown ups)

The food and beverage trend for grown ups continues, from GUS (grown-up soda) to Lark cookies. With wonderfully mature forms and flavors like polenta, shortbreads made with burnt sugar and fennel, and cocolocos made with coconut and rum, these cookies are "not too sweet" (in a Canada Dry kind of way).  

From Essex, Mass.


 Insight: Experimenting with unexpected flavors to create a new target                   and segment.




From Orli�nas in the Rh�ne-Alpes, it's true - these juices are a "sensory experience of luscious, perfectly ripe fruit". But what caught my eye was the merchandising-the French do know a thing or two about accessorizing.  


 Insight: Breaking through the clutter with design and merchandising. 


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