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Food Show season is in full swing!
This was a great year for the Fancy Food show 
      in San Francisco. With a brand new look and feel for the   SFA, the experience felt refreshed, exciting and ready to shape the future. And as we're now just a few weeks away from Expo West, I'm already thinking about what discoveries I'll make in March.
But first, here are my SFA takeaways.   
Hint: this is the year of alternative dairy-read more on this below.
Italy sponsored, so we enjoyed all of the "bella!" imported gourmet packaging we would expect from the Fancy Food show, with some surprises like pasta designed by Dolce & Gabbana. 
The show has changed with the times. Healthy & wholesome is a macro theme. Per the SFA, All-natural, Non GMO, Organic, Eco-friendly, Ethical, Gluten-free, Plant-based, Locally sourced, Sustainable and Fair-trade rank most important, in that order.  
There were so many categories to explore, but I left the show pausing for thought on the dairy & dairy-free segment and started researching well positioned, category leading brands like Kerrygold, Califia and Miyokos.  
 Kerrygold is growing like gangbusters. Global sales are $1B+ (see article here in Dairy Industries Intl). I had a chat with them at the show-they attribute their success to authenticity in natural, sustainability, taste (and patience). They've earned their stripes here in the U.S., steadily growing distribution and sales. If any country has  grass-fed credentials, it's Ireland.  
According to Califia, traditional dairy is consumed multiple times throughout the day. "So while a lot of attention has been given to alternative meat options (eaten approximately 3x/week), alternative dairy is an equally important opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and disrupt the existing food system in a way that positively impacts the planet."
Califia is a plant-based beverage powerhouse. 
Started as a juice company in the last decade, the company celebrates a mythical "Queen Califia".  The way Starbucks is an icon and entry point for espresso, Califia has quickly expanded into plant-based beverages with almond milks, non-dairy creamers and cold brew coffees with
disruptive curvy bottles. Their new oat platform includes Oatmilk, Oat Barista Blend, canned nitro draft lattes, and their latest, Oat Creamers.  
Read on for the incredible success story in January 2020's  Forbes: Califia Farms raises $225 MM - one of the largest private capital raises ever completed within the natural foods sector.
With investment this size, this is a global play:  Market Watch projects worldwide revenue in non-dairy milk to reach $38bb+ by 2024.  
 Dairy-free milk is now mainstream.  
Brands like Miyoko's are demonstrating the great flavor of dairy-free cheese in secret taste tests vs. favorites like American grilled cheese.  And check out the new Miyoko's Grilled Cheese Food Truck.  
The Official Cheese of OMG's ( you won't believe it's made from plants!)  
Another big winner is Oat milk Ice Cream. In a side-by-side tasting of Van Leeuwen Classic Ice Cream vs. their Oat Milk Mocha Latte and I must say, I enjoyed them equally.  Now if only we can have that calorie-free, please. 
One can only dream!  
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