Word Play

Last month we attended the Natural Products Expo West -Virtually. Congratulations to the team at New Hope, while we missed connecting with industry friends in person, the swap-card format was really efficient and easy! There was an overwhelming amount of trend data shared, so instead of recapping in our usual prose format, we thought that a psuedo-Haiku would best summarize our experience.
Joyful Plate poetry is a form of word play which keeps our ideas fresh and our language creative.

Plant-based, meats replaced 
Pigless Pork Rinds
Good for me, immunity
Sourced responsibly
Nutrient dense, Self defense
Food as Medicine

Eat this and not that
Foodie, or Fat?

Intermittent Fasting

Deliver Treats, Uber Eats,
Ghost Kitchen Magic

Avatar in lieu of me
VIrtual Reality

TikTok Sensation
Climate Generation

Save the planet & people
Feed the world with plenty

Hungry, for more


(c) Michelle Lawton joyfulplate 2021

On that note, I heard author Eve Turow-Paul speak at the show and couldn't put her e-book down. I highly recommend Hungry: Avocado Toast, Instagram and influencers, and Our Search for Connection and Meaning because her research is primary, content is dense and scope is seismic.Hint: if you're eating solo, it's a good alternative to mukbang.CLICK HERE: HUNGRY, Eve Turow-Paul

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