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Natural Products Expo East 2019  
Branding & Design that's the BOMB!  
The Natural Products Expos are more exciting and busier than ever, with 30k attendees East this year (and 90k+ West last year) brands that have simple and strong messaging break through best.  
Branding often takes courage. It was so inspiring to hear about how Pitaya redesigned their packaging to prepare them for their next growth phase. In design we often talk about evolutionary to revolutionary change. This move from Pitaya pushes the envelope to set the company up for success. With a powerful mark defining their plant-based purpose, strong product differentiation and exotic mood/environment, bets are on that their design investment will pay off in the long run on their bite-size fruit cubes and smoothie packs.   
Winner of this year's NEXTY award for what's new in frozen, The Crazy Richard's team partnered with the National Peanut Board to innovate and create a peanut butter snack that would appeal to the masses- moms, kids, athletes and more. They were a crowd- pleaser at the show for sure, a satisfying and tasty bite.  You can find this peanut butter snack in the freezer so they're always perfect and ready to pop in your mouth.   
Click here to learn more Crazy Richards award Expo East .
According to Mintel, retail sales of seltzer in the United States more than doubled from 2013 to 2018- but the water is rough these days given all of the new entrants. La Croix seemed to keep its cool at Expo showcasing beverages that play pool to beach, day to night. And how brilliant that the brand ambassadors dress the part, wearing stylish uniforms that are pink & professional- a super - chic brand differentiator. 
This is how you do it-pick one powerful, differentiating ingredient (collagen that helps support healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joints), a strong masterbrand ("Vital" umbrella name) and develop an architecture for growth to reach  targets from fitness to beauty in unique forms and flavors. It's textbook marketing on how to build a brand (i.e. Collagen water in a range of flavors, Collagen shots that help cleanse, sleep and glow), Beauty Collagen, Bone Broth Collagen, Matcha Collagen, and now Vital Performance to compete in the GNC area.  
Read more here on the incredible founder's story, $19MM of investment backing from powerhouse  CAVU Ventures and the big consumer insights that helped shift the company into  nutri-cosmetics in Fast Company: How VItal Proteins Made Collagen Cool.  
Founded in 2012, Vital Proteins has grown 240% year-over-year and anticipates $200 million in revenue for 2019. The company has helped to shape the $31BB segment and is showing more than 
 vital signs-with celebrity endorsements and buzz, it is a phenomenon.   
Taking it down a notch or two, sometimes simplicity and a great tagline can speak volumes. I'm rooting for Shot X - an LA company that debuted at the show-their drink is made of curcumin (tumeric extract,  Amino Acids (L-Ornithine), Inositol and Electrolytes that are absorbed directly
into the bloodstream for a shot of health to get you back to life.  
joyfulplate chat with the shot joyfulplate chat with founder The Shot X Natural Products Expo 9/2019 
joyfulplate chat with founder The Shot X  
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