kNot Today will visit Fairmount on Saturday, April 10th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and will partner with a local survivor, Chesney Shonk, and her awareness effort #teamCHESNEYstrong. 
This event will be fun and entertaining even though the subject matter is sensitive and dark. Our desire is to share educational and prevention tools, while shedding light on a difficult topic that is rarely discussed.
There will be food trucks, live entertainment, games, giveaways, Colts fun, and more!
kNot Today strives to Protect the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood. 

On March 12, 2021 Hunter graduated! After several weeks of training with Jordan Detection K9, Hunter has graduated to a full service Electronic Detection (ED) K9.

The kNot Today team had the chance to watch Hunter train a few days leading up to his graduation. It was astonishing to see what these marvelous dogs are able to accomplish.

ED K9's are trained to sniff out sim cards, and other forms of technology that human detectives would have trouble finding. We watched Hunter find sim cards in air vents, hairspray cans, under furniture, and even inside refrigerators and in loose change!

On graduation day, Hunter walked across the stage with his handler, Officer Darin Odier, and received his certificate. Hunter was 1 of 7 dogs to graduate that day, and is now only the second dog in Indiana to be certified in this field.

Co-Founder of kNot Today, Linda Reich, was able to share a message at graduation to what this partnership means to the kNot Today Foundation, and how purchasing Hunter will further help protect the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood.

Check out the video below that Newsom Productions put together for us.

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