In the last few months, kNot Today has started some new initiatives, Community Engagement Campaigns being one of them. These campaigns have proven to be a productive way to spread awareness and education on an issue that is rarely talked about. The reality is child sexual abuse and exploitation happens in our own communities. Creating conversations in local communities is the first step to prevention.

In kNot Today's grassroots effort to Protect the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood, we will be visiting Fishers, Indiana for our second Community Engagement Campaign. kNot Today will be partnering with the Fishers Parks Department and their Summer Concert Series.

kNot Today will be sponsoring Living Proof Band playing Tuesday, June1st. Co-founders, Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Frank and Linda Reich, will share their vision for their foundation. There will also be a Colts presence, Food and Beer Trucks, Living Proof Band, and more!

Please join us, as it takes all of us to protect the ones who can not protect themselves.

On April 10th, 2021 kNot Today hosted our first ever Community Awareness Campaign. This campaign all started after a survivor and her family of the Fairmount Community reached out after hearing Co-Founder, Linda Reich's news interview.

After months of brain storming, planning, and collaborating with #teamChesneyStrong, we came up with this event.

This was a huge step for us here at kNot Today in our grassroots effort to spread awareness and education. We plan to continue Community Engagement events as one of our initiatives to get ahead of this growing epidemic of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Thank you to the Town of Fairmount for being a staple in our awareness efforts, and thank you to everyone who participated / donated to help Protect the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood.
Upcoming Events
June: Introduce new staff

July: kNot Today presence at Grand Park

July: Parent Education Guide to be rolled out.
For us here at kNot Today, our joy and purpose comes from doing what we can to Protect the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood. Despite the challenges we have all experienced this past year, kNot Today has continued to make tremendous strides in Awareness, Prevention, and Restoration.

We are exceedingly grateful for all of the encouragement and ongoing support you have given to kNot Today throughout these challenging and unknown times.

There are many ways to donate, including recurring donations. This is an ongoing monthly gift that will enable us to make an even greater impact. Whatever you are able to give will go a long way. We thank you in advance for anything you are able to contribute.