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Finally, Lots of Great Projects

After a very slow summer work-wise combined with low sales in part due to transition of our retail, we are finally beginning to get some paying projects on the schedule. 

Our first order of business is finishing up the Prospect barn deconstruction. This is a great example of sustainability at work. Explained at the link below why we need assistance with this community project. 

In order to get ourselves back on track we have an e-gift card, cash back program. We need to get our sales ( read cash) up to par so we can start working THIS SATURDAY at Prospect.  The concept is you buy gift certificates and either use them, gift them to someone, or at the designated time, after the project is complete and paid for, get a refund on any or all of the purchased gift cards.

Steps to participate in this and other community based projects: 

1)  Buy e-gift cards
2) Keep an account balance for your own use or
3) Send as a gift
4) After the project, unused gift card balance can be refunded to you as cash. 

See more info on how you can help here:

Buy E-gift cards here:

More Projects 

All of these projects will generate enormous amounts of unique materials. We will be advertising them on our Instagram, Facebook and Website. 

 Carriage house ,New Haven area: bid as demolition  with salvage. Pending. Lots of good materials here.

Middletown barn, bid as a demolition with salvage. The more you buy in advance the more we can save. 

Meriden garages and carriage house, bid as demolition , with salvage. Buying ahead means we do not have to front the labor for removal and then pay to store it.

Waterbury carriage house, bid as  demolition , with salvage. See our website for more information on why we bid as a demolition and then salvage what we can.

Orange barn, waiting for abatement analysis in order to bid. The taller section appears to be mid 1800's

Danbury house demo/ deconstruction, bidding

Greenwich house, deconstruction, bidding. c. 1950. Lots of great framing, hardwood floors and sheathing

"Demolition with a salvage component. 
Full deconstructions can be expensive. They also produce more materials than we can turn over quickly. As a result we have started bidding work as demolition so that we in fact can bid competitively and then we save what we can sell directly from the job. This means the more you buy up front , the more we can keep out of the dumpster..."
Joe DeRisi, Urbanminers

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