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august 2017                                                      issue #97

SallyAnne Santos 
August Already?!

Whoa! The summer is speeding toward September and there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it... or is there?

Did you know that August 1-7 is Simplify Your Life week? I didn't until I started writing a feature for our friends at D.F. Dwyer Insurance. While researching this topic I found a wealth of information including a plethora of How To Lists-- they all had the same overarching theme... slow down, breathe, and be in the moment.

My favorite list, at ZenHabits.com has 72 action steps, but we're on a tight schedule here, so I've boiled it down to just 5 Simple Steps to consider.

That said, my August lemonade recommendations for you are short, sweet and simple-- read 5 Steps to Simplify Your Life,
turn off your screens, listen to some music and go to your happy place-- wherever that is. That's it-- my lemonade recipe for an August to savor.  I'll see you at the beach .

Until September... Enjoy!

p.s. The balance of August weeks are nicely dedicated too:

8/7-8/13: National Smile Week
8/14-8/20: Friendship Week
8/21-8/28: Be Kind to Humankind Week

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